Airbnb Seoul – Affordable Accomodations for Plastic Surgery Recovery

Looking for affordable accommodations in Seoul for your cosmetic or plastic surgery journey? Airbnb Seoul might be a great pick for you. AirBNB has become a wildly popular option for travelers, which allows them to rent a room or entire home from a local homeowner at an affordable price. This unique concept allows anyone who is willing to rent out their home or room to enter the hospitality business by listing their space, and AirBNB’s very professional and well organized booking system and process takes care of the rest. It’s a great alternative to hotels and hostels and can give you a sense of a home away from home. From bare dorm room style essentials to luxury accommodations, there is something for everyone.

Here are some examples of places available in Seoul on AirBNB:

The Mini-Room –  USD $18-$30 / Per Night



Airbnb Seoul – Miniroom – For the more adventurous and tight budget conscious traveler

Mini-rooms is a hospitality term to categorize very small rental. These are bare bone one to two star accommodations for the more adventurous type and those on a very tight budget. For the cost of a two night stay in a 4 star hotel ($300) you can stay in a unit like this for a month. You can think of mini-rooms as a very small college dorm room and many students rent these accommodations. Meaning you have to use public areas for cooking, bathrooms and showers. Some places have private built-in bathrooms and showers for an extra price.

Pros: Very cheap and usually located near major subway stations and intersections.

Cons: Not the best mattress & bedding, safety & theft risk may increase since these facilities have a lot of nomad travelers and $18/night doesn’t exactly buy top notch locks and security. Higher chance of boredom, and healing in a room like this can take its toll.

 Furnished Studios USD $50 – $115



Airbnb Seoul -The unit above is $115 per night and is a good example of a nicely furnished studio

Studios usually come in two forms “Office-tel” or “Villa.” A office-tel looks like a giant modern corporate building and ranges between 6 to 20 floors. The name comes from a mix of the words office and hotel because these units can be rented as an office and/or living space. There is usually a downstairs lobby with a guard and elevators. The units have a kitchen area, bathroom and washing machine. Prices usually vary in terms of location, decor and amenities. These are great for a single traveler or couple and can make you feel like you’re living the life of a young city-hip Korean local.

A studio Villa will be a building that is 5 floors or less, and you think of these as condominiums. There is no lobby area or guard, but inside the unit it will essentially look like a studio office-tel.

Pros: More value than a hotel room, can give you a local living experience, comfortable and affordable.

Cons: Really depends on the location and decor.

There are homes in all shapes and sizes available to rent from mini-rooms to full out luxury multi-room apartments. It all depends on your style, budget and availability.


  • Make sure owner is verified.
  • Check reviews of previous travelers.
  • Send an inquiry to the owner and start a dialogue to get a feel for the location.
  • Be sure to check their policies like cancellations and if there are any extra fees.
  • Be honest and trustworthy.
  • Have a back up plan in case the owner changes their mind or cancels.

Questions about AirBNB, hotels and travel or need recommendations. Be sure to post in our forums.

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