Bizzare Love, Blackmail and Plastic Surgery

Mr. Jeon (37) is a Korean criminal prosecutor who is currently under investigation for blackmailing and extorting Dr. Choi (43), a Seoul plastic surgeon and clinic director. Jeon is accused of illegally manipulating Dr. Choi to perform free cosmetic surgery procedures for his celebrity girlfriend and making the doctor forfeit 22 million won ($21,000 USD) over to her as restitution for previous procedures she had with him. Jeon’s celebrity girlfriend is Yoon Jee Lee (32) better known by her stage name “Amy Lee,” a TV talk show host sometimes dubbed by as “Korea’s Paris Hilton” for her erratic behavior.

Prosecutor Jeon first made headlines in 2012 for scoring major convictions against three Korean celebrities and two plastic surgeons for propofol abuse, a powerful and highly addictive sedative that is injected at many of Seoul’s medical beauty clinics for sedation, but is becoming a popular drug for entertainers who want to get high. It became infamous in 2009 for killing Michael Jackson.

This is where it gets weird

Bizarrely, Amy Lee was actually one of those three celebrities Jeon indicted back in 2012. In other words, he’s the one who put Amy in prison for having 111 propofol injections, but later became her boyfriend.

They oddly began dating in December 2012, after Amy’s early parole release in which she served 49 days of an 8 month prison sentence. “We started seeing each other about a month after my prison release,” said Amy on a Korean TV program interview.

Jeon wrote to Amy while she was in prison to console her and also began to help her with personal favors after her discharge. Friends with benefits?

Jeon ‘Oppa’ Comes to the Rescue ‘Gangnam Style’

The strange development of their relationship was not without reason. Jeon had suffered from severe psychological despair when he found out a previous defendant (non-celebrity) he had prosecuted for illegal propofol use had committed suicide after the case was closed.

Consequently, he was worried that Amy wouldn’t be able to continue her celebrity career because of him, and felt great responsibility to take care of her, or maybe he wanted to have a Korean celebrity as a lover.

Jeon applied for a bank and credit card loan in order to give Amy a gift of around 100,000,000 KRW (≈ 93,720 USD). Dating a Gangnam girl is expensive, but dating a Gangnam celebrity is even pricier, this is the very definition of Gangnam Style, buying things you can’t afford.

As they grew closer, Amy told him about the side effects of her plastic surgery from Dr. Choi, which she had cited as the reason for her abuse of the medication, and sought Jeon’s help.

The surgery had happened before her arrest and although it was successful, she was restricted from receiving post-operation care during her prison confinement, which led to an infection around the surgical site.

Jeon accompanied Amy to the plastic surgery clinic located in the affluent Gangnam district 4-5 times during the weekends.

Another Bizarre Twist

Around the same time, prosecutors in Seoul had launched a major probe of propofol abuse in Gangnam clinics, and Dr. Choi’s clinic was among the targets.

At first, Jeon and Amy’s talks with Dr. Choi seemed to go well. However, when they encountered several disagreements, Jeon supposedly threatened Choi by saying, “I will help you resolve your current criminal predicament (propofol) if you perform the revision surgery, but if you don’t, I will use warrants to shut your hospital down.”

As a result, Amy had three plastic surgeries (worth 7,000,000 KRW ≈ 6,560 USD) by March 2013, and received 9 money transfer payments that accumulated to 22,500,000 KRW (≈ 21,090 USD) from Dr. Choi.

The Twists Keep on Coming

Jeon’s criminal actions were revealed unexpectedly when Dr. Choi was sued by an employee (Miss Kim, age 37) for supposedly raping her while being high on propofol. In the process of police investigating text messages regarding the rape case, the blackmailing history between Prosecutor Jeon and Dr. Choi was revealed.

Dr. Choi has denied the rape accusations and is now counter suing Miss Kim.

Amy Lee, who comes from a wealthy family, was born in the U.S. and has a degree in hotel management from the University of Nevada. She became famous with a cable TV program in 2008.

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