Food Delivery Korea Easily Explained

Food delivery in Korea made easy The easiest way to have English food delivery in Korea and order food in Seoul with no fuss or hassle is… Read more »

Korean Plastic Surgery VAT Refund (Tax Refund)

Korean Plastic Surgery VAT Refund (Tax Refund)

Foreign patients will be able to receive a Korean plastic surgery VAT refund (tax refund) until December 2018  (This deadline often gets extended). It is available at… Read more »

Korean Singer Questioned About Plastic Surgery at Airport

According to the Korea Times, Korean singer, Hong Jin-young, who is known for a type of folksy and upbeat Korean pop music known as “Trot” was stopped… Read more »

Why is plastic surgery so popular in South Korea?

The short answer: Because it pays to be beautiful Yes, put simply, beautiful people earn more, attract quality mates and are given better opportunities, treatment and admiration… Read more »

Our Startup Explainer Video

AMA (Ask Me Anything) The My Seoul Secret team will be available to answer any questions in the comments section below Jeet Dhindsa – CEO Andrej Belcijan… Read more »

Mole Removal in Seoul Korea

Many people ask about mole removal treatment in Korea. In Seoul it is by far one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, and it’s offered at very… Read more »

Anti-Aging Transformation: 58 Year Old Aussie Woman

Amanda began her quest for anti-aging treatment online and sought to find a quality medical beauty clinic to meet her goals. She spent a lot of time… Read more »

6 quirky DIY plastic surgery gadgets in Asia

6 quirky DIY plastic surgery gadgets in Asia

By Justyna Gil & Jeet Dhindsa It’s estimated that sales for so-called do-it-yourself (DIY) plastic surgery products have increased by 40% in Korea over the past five years…. Read more »

Beauty Model Lab Winners Announced!

Beauty Model Lab Winners Announced!

Once again, thank you to everyone who applied for TL Plastic Surgery’s and My Seoul Secret’s first ever Beauty Model Lab contest. We received numerous applications from… Read more »

Back of Head Surgery in Korea

Sponsored Post by ITEM Plastic Surgery Most people ask “is there a back of head surgery?” Some even comment, “why do people want cosmetic surgery on the… Read more »

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