Why is Plastic Surgery so Popular in Korea?

A lot of new visitors TODAY! – Welcome Eat Your Kimchi Viewers Welcome folks! Our fellow Seoul neighbors and good friends Simon & Martina gave us a… Read more »

Airbnb Seoul – Affordable Accomodations for Plastic Surgery Recovery

Looking for affordable accommodations in Seoul for your cosmetic or plastic surgery journey? Airbnb Seoul might be a great pick for you. AirBNB has become a wildly… Read more »

Let Me In Korean Plastic Surgery – Reality TV Show

Let Me In or Let 美人 is a South Korean plastic surgery television program that airs on a local cable network called ‘Story On,’ which is operated by… Read more »

Double Eyelid Surgery

Banobagi has a nice explanation of double eyelid surgery, so we decided to share it below. Their basic rationale is to confirm with a surgeon, which line… Read more »

Banobagi’s Comically Blunt Korean Plastic Surgery Ads

In Korea, plastic surgery clinics have to be very creative when it comes to advertising because they’re not allowed to use TV commercials, but there is an… Read more »

The Low Down on Smile Surgery

Korean plastic surgery news has a tendency to go viral or become meme worthy, especially when before and after pictures get coverage. From beauty pageant contestants to… Read more »

Korean Plastic Surgery In The News

Here’s a news wrap up of Korean plastic surgery articles that popped up on our radar.  Police Investigating Gangnam Surgery Clinic for Malpractice Death On August 17th,… Read more »

What is a Single Eyelid?

By Teuim Plastic Surgery We call the eye without a double eyelid as a single eyelid. An eyeline where the eyelashes grow is fully covered with the… Read more »

K-Pop Plastic Surgey in the Atlantic

Is K-Pop Creating a Plastic Surgery ‘Obsession’? “Inspired by pop stars and encouraged by culture that equates success with physical beauty, the “self-racism subtext” of buying an… Read more »

Chin Augmentation – Sliding Genioplasty

Genioplasty is an operation on the chin that uses an osteotomy (bone cut) to change the position of the chin. The new position is then fixed into place through either metal (titanium) wire or plate and screws.

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