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Food Delivery Korea Easily Explained

Food delivery in Korea made easy The easiest way to have English food delivery in Korea and order food in Seoul with no fuss or hassle is… Read more »

Korean Plastic Surgery VAT Refund (Tax Refund)

Korean Plastic Surgery VAT Refund (Tax Refund)

Foreign patients will be able to receive a Korean plastic surgery VAT refund (tax refund) until December 2018  (This deadline often gets extended). It is available at… Read more »

Korean medical interpreter and translator (How to Find and Book)

Looking for a Korean Medical Interpreter or Korean Translator Many patients ask if they will need a Korean medical interpreter to assist them while visiting clinics and… Read more »

Medical Tourism on the Rise

The number of foreign patients treated in Korea rose 32.5 percent to more than 211,000 last year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said Tuesday. As a… Read more »

Korean Plastic Surgery Prices – Do foreign patients pay more than Koreans?

I come across forum threads of people expressing frustration when they hear that local Koreans pay less for plastic surgery. And many people ask if that’s true?… Read more »

Licensed & Ethical Medical Tourism Agencies vs Illegal Surgery Brokers & Unethical Agencies

If a Seoul plastic surgery clinic wants to get more foreign patients then they usually enlist help from medical tourism agencies and/or surgery brokers. A medical tourism… Read more »

Airbnb Seoul – Affordable Accomodations for Plastic Surgery Recovery

Looking for affordable accommodations in Seoul for your cosmetic or plastic surgery journey? Airbnb Seoul might be a great pick for you. AirBNB has become a wildly… Read more »

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