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Melab Clinic focusses on same-day, non-invasive medical beauty treatments (petite plastic surgery) and we strive for excellence and satisfaction in the following treatment areas.

  • Non-surgical lifting: (Ultherapy, Thermage CPT)
  • Forehead Depression or Hollow. Makes your hollow, rugged foreheads and wrinkles full, tight and balanced.
  • Forehead Lines:  Evenly smoothing deep wrinkles in the middle of forehead.
  • Nose bridge, hump & tip fillers: Reshaping hooked, flat and and drooping noses into more symmetrical shapes through fillers.
  • Under-eye “Korean Love Band” (Aegyosal) adds volume on lower eyelid face.
  • Lip Fillers: Makes thin lips fuller and beautiful.
  • Hollow Cheek / Smile Lines:  Adds volume to hollow smile line to make a rejuvenated face.
  • Short chin: Improves protrude mouth as well as slim jaw line.

Our aim is to regain healthy skin and beauty through accurate diagnosis in which the factors of skin aging and the characteristic of skin for each customer are considered one by one, rather than standardized surgery.

Above all, Melab Clinic has a multidisciplinary clinical experience through long-term care for global patients. We strive to regain natural youthful face with our efforts such as Lifting, non-surgical plastic surgery and so on for customers.

Since opening, Melab Clinic has steadily provided our treatment for global patients. The satisfactory surgical result has attracted the patients from China, Southeast Asia, Russia, United States, and Kazakhstan. You can experience the optimal treatment as we provide the aesthetic design that fits you.

Because the environment and custom of all patients are different, customized surgical method and care that fits each and every patient is important. Melab Clinic has been researching and optimizing the needs of global patients to help them maintain their beauty for a long time. Melab Clinic helps global patients maintain their beauty for a long time by researching and optimizing their many needs.

Dr. Ha, Sang Wook, M.D.
dr-lee-vip • Graduate, Medical School, Dankook University
• Academic Board Member, Doctor’s Association Obesity Research
• Member, Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society
• Member, Korean Academy of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine
• Member, The Korean Association of Aesthetic and the Well-Being
• Member, Doctor’s Association Obesity Research
• Member, Korean Society for the Study of Obesity and Health
• Member, Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
• Member, Korean Society of Korean Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine
• Member, Korean Association of of Nano Medicine
• Member, Korean Association of Anti-aging Medicine
• Member, The Korean Association of Stem Cell & Tissue Regeneration
• Member, Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology & Technology
• Former Vice Director, Siloam Skin Clinic
• Former Director, The Plastic Surgery Hospital

Specialty #1: Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery(Petite Plastic Surgery)

Melab Clinic offers a safe and excellent aesthetics with many years of practice to transform all patients having a natural youthful beauty.

The transformation to a natural and rejuvenated face is the advantage and the biggest feature of the clinic’s Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery. Melab Clinic is equipped with abundant expertise through continuous surgical experience to global patient as well as domestic patients. We also search for the perfect rejuvenated face through pre-operation design with excellent aesthetics for more natural results.

“Fillers,” Melab Clinic’s Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery(Petite Plastic Surgery), creates a three-dimensional face by filling volume to the nose, smile line, forehead, cheek, front cheekbone, lips, oral angle and the edge of chin. The design is more important than anything else for fillers. Each hospital has various and unique types of fillers and, Melab Clinic, which has experience in treating global patients, has a big advantage when it comes to Filler.

# 2 Key Specialty: Non-surgical Lifting (Ultherapy, Thermage CPT)



“Ulthera” is a kind of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) surgical unit. The lifting of the lower layer SMAS, which covers the contour of the face, used to be impossible without surgical incision, but Ultherapy provides the fundamental lifting effect by delivering heat energy to the skin and under the skin through ultrasound stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen.

Surgical design is important because the results of Ultherapy vary according to the procedure. Me Lab Clinic provides the design which is optimized to each patient through continuous research based on various surgical experiences.

  • Indication for Ultherapy
  • Loose & Sagging skin around the eyes
  • Sagging face, chin and jaw line due to age
  • Require for a quick & simple procedure
  • Require for a non-invasive treatment

Visible Effects:

  • Dark Circle Alleviation
  • 5-LIFTING Effect
  • Skin wrinkles Improvement
  • Double chin Improvement
  • Enhanced Skin Elasticity

“Thermage CPT”

Thermage CPT has been performed more than 600,000 times in 100 countries for more than 13 year and obtained over 73 patents, its safety and effect was recognized by US FDA. It is an effective skin lifting treatment of which powerful high frequency energy penetrates deep inside the skin(dermis layer) with strong heat stimulation to create new collagen, to non-surgically improve various types wrinkles in the areas such as eye, face and hands.

Indication for Thermage CPT

  • Sagging cheek without elasticity
  • Sagging eye lids
  • No visible jaw line
  • Poor facial elasticity
  • Severe hand wrinkles & around the neck
  • Sagging arm, leg & belly

Visible Effect:

  • Wrinkle Improvement
  • Youthful Face
  • Collagen Formation
  • Enhanced Skin Elasticity
  • Face Lift

“Silhouette Soft”
The Silhouette Soft of PLLA with funnel-shaped supports not only effectively lifts sagging skin but also provides natural sense of volume. It is a procedure that can re-model the face with immediate volume and lifting effect by reconstructing the skin layer by inserting the cone-shaped thread in the skin that loses its elasticity by non-surgical method of face contouring surgery.

Indication for Silhouette Soft:

  • Asymmetric facial lines
  • Drooping jaws
  • Sagging Cheek
  • Poor facial elasticity & volume
  • Loose & Sagging eyes

Visible Effect:

  • Fine Lines Improvement
  • Facial lifting & Volume
  • Facial Reduction
  • Double chin Improvement
  • Enhanced Skin Elasticity etc

It is most important to choose the procedure that can best care for patients’ need as each treatments; Ulltherapy, Thermage, and Silhouette Soft treats different skin layer and derive different surgical result.

It requires a lot of experience and aesthetics to diagnose the causes behind skin sagging before the procedure and to derive the most appropriate method. Melab Clinic is not only satisfied with safe and simple procedure but also provides optimal treatment by considering aesthetic aspects.



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