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VIP International Plastic Surgery Center Korea specialized in rhinoplasty using autologous tissue has delivered great result and high customer satisfaction with unique ‘HARMONY FACE’ cosmetic surgery procedure that uses autologous tissues to correct short nose, severely crooked nose as well as balance between forehead to nose.

Dr. Myung-Ju Lee, M.D.
dr-lee-vip • Official Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
• Official Member, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
• Official Member, Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
• Official Member, Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
• Official Member, Inter. Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
• Official Member, Asian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
• Academic Commissioner, Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons
• Served as Executive Member, Korean Rhinoplasty Society




Rhinoplasty with Autologous Tissues
Rhinoplasty with Autologous Tissues is the safest method available performing rhinoplasty using autologous tissues instead of artificial implants. The type of autologous tissues used in the surgery depends on the nose condition and request of a patient’s. Chest or septal cartilage is often used to support or correct nasal structure, and ear cartilage is preferred for the shape of the nasal tip and the nostrils. For the height augmentation, various tissues such as dermis, fascia, and ear, chest or septal cartilages are used based on the condition of a patient’s nose.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty using Autologous Tissues
1. Minimize the risk of infection
2. Prevent contraction of silicone implant, skin redness and thinning
3. Able to create natural looking nose


The nose is the central feature of a face. It is connected to lips, chin and to forehead, making it the most crucial element to define the beauty. The mid-face of many Asians is often flat or caved in, thus making their mouth look protruded. Therefore, correcting the flatness of the mid-face using chest cartilage along with rhinoplasty will help creating the ideal profile from the forehead-nose-lips to chin. VIP’s HARMOMY FACE rhinoplasty focuses on elevating nasal tip and columella by inserting chest cartilage on the bottom of rasied columella to add more volume to flat mid-face. To create perfect ratio of forehead-nose-chin, appropriate height of a nose is the key. The height of a nose is determined by the thickness of the skin and the types of grafted tissues. With VIP’s advanced rhinoplasty technology using autologous tissues, you can have the desired nose height without any possible inflammation.

TEARDROP Implant Breast Augmentation

TEARDROP is the newly developed breast implant engineered to create natural looking breast shape by POLYTECH in 2012. The highest advantage of TEARDROP breast implant is the ultimate ability to create natural look of women’s breasts. Conventional breast implants of the past that are round in shape have the clear disadvantages over teardrop shaped implants as they had to be manipulated to form a teardrop shape by inserting or fixating them in a certain angle during the operation to make a round shape looks like a teardrop shape. This method often caused an unnatural bulge on the upper chest and posed many difficulties during the augmentation surgery.

Advantages of TEARDROP Breast Implant

Newly introduced TEARDROP breast implant has the shape of a teardrop itself, making it much easier to form a natural looking breast, and causing less capsular contracture. Varied forms and shapes of teardrop breast implant can deliver the shape and the size of breasts just right for each patient. Another notable advantage is shape-memory function with excellent stability whereas existing breast implants often rupture when the considerable amount of pressure is applied.


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  1. missymiss

    Dr. Lee is probably the best existing plastic surgeon. After 3 failures of my nose surgery, I really did not know what to do and where to go. After a long research, I gave out a try on rib cartilage rhinoplasty, and I have never been this happy. Dr. Lee has genius hands and skills!!! No more inflammation, and my nose looks super good. Everyone has been complementing me. I am so glad that I trusted Dr. Lee for my revision, and I now can say that he is the best surgeon ever!!!

    October 18, 2016 at 4:03 pm

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