Double Eyelid Surgery

Banobagi has a nice explanation of double eyelid surgery, so we decided to share it below. Their basic rationale is to confirm with a surgeon, which line suits you best, i.e. don’t look at someone’s line shape and think, “yes that’s the one I want” – it may not suit you, and may lead to a revision later, or may not even be able to be revised depending on the level of failure from the primary operation.

Let’s study on the shape of double eyelid surgery

The shape of double eyelid can be largely categorized as Inner Type and Outer Type. And also there is In-Out Type so called intermediate type. Even for the same eyes, when the shape of double eyelid changes, it can form the shape of eyes that creates a totally different impression.

Inner Type
As the double eyelid line comes out from inside, the front part of line starts as invisible, yet from the middle part, it becomes visible then as reaching to the end further, the size of eyelid gets bigger. This is the typical double eyelid of Korean people, and 80% of Koreans belongs in this category. About 90% of patients who want to have natural looking double eyelid desires this kind of line, and this surgery relatively recovers quickly. Usually, the term, inner double eyelid refers to the smallest double eyelid among those made as the “Inner” Type


Outer Type
Double eyelid of Westerners are 100% Out Type. Without impression that the line is not hidden, it begins from outside and continue to the end in parallel as if a rainbow . Since the line should be soft usually, when creating the Outer line by incision, it is the most likely to be seen as having had a surgery. What Banobagi would like to recommend is the natural looking outer line, therefore, it is better to make the outer line using the embedding method rather than incision. In case that skin is too thick or the eyes are small, extra care should be taken.


In between Inner-Outer

It is same with the outer type as beginning from the outside to the ending also as the outer line. But its beginning part is very narrow and as leading to the end part, the thickness of line gets wider. This type of double eyelid looks as if the inner type if seeing from the distance of about 2m. This is the most ideal type of double eyelid but only possible for the eye type long with thin eyelid. Depending on cases, some patients shows the trace of surgery, therefore, the doctor needs to make decision carefully.


Which one is right for you?

Among aforementioned designs, you cannot have any design you want because you think a certain line looks more beautiful. This is because some type of lines may not fit you as it they would with someone else and vice versa. In particular, a lot of patients who experience failure in surgery, are the ones who had outer line even though it is not suitable for them. Therefore, it is better to have the attitude to get confirmation on what kind of line design will come out from the operating surgeon.

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