Reply To: Interested in Acculift.

Jeet Singh

Hi Jane,

Thanks for posting this info, laser assisted liposuction is one of the many tools plastic surgeons are finding useful as demand continues for less invasive face and body shaping procedures.

And you definitely pointed out a price discrepancy and savings that comes from going to smaller boutique clinics vs larger hospitals. A larger clinic tends to have a more overhead business expenses and may charge more to be profitable. Also a price difference between foreign and Korean patients is not unusual at big international clinics. In addition, since smaller clinics are not accustomed to seeing foreign patients they often just give them the same pricing as locals by default, which is nice.

AccuSculpt vs AccuLift

You got me curious about the terminology, so I did some digging. You’re right, AccuScuplt and AccuLift are being used interchangeably, there is a difference, but it’s just marketing semantics trademarked by the manufacturer (Lutronic). Basically, AccuSculpt is the name of the machine, AccuLift is the name of the procedure you do with the machine. Example: This clinic uses the AccuSculpt laser to give patients AccuLift procedures on the face and body.

How did you decide on which clinic you chose? And are you satisfied with the results? If so, it sounds like a good find.

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