Reply To: Best Clinics for Eyelid Surgery

Jeet Singh

Thanks for posting. Eyelid surgery is one of the most common procedures here, so essentially there are an abundance of reputable clinics qualified to perform the procedure both incisional and non-incisional (also known as the ‘pinch method’ or ‘suture technique’). Just start your research journey and feel free to post clinics you come across, but here is a list of clinics to get you started:

Teuim Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bom

Double Eyelid Surgery Korea

When you say need someone to take care of you, do you mean someone to offer you post operative care? You should be able to walk out of the clinic after the surgery and be all right on your own. It’s among the least intensive recovery wise. I would recommend possibly doing a home stay with a friendly Korean family.

Here is an explanation from Wonjin Plastic Surgery on Non-incisional

Seven-lock & multi-lock are often times marketing lingo to simplify surgical terms, and re-brand or take procedures that have become common and make them sound special again. I am going to look more deeper into these terms and verify.

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