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Jeet Singh

No problem, I recently started a maintenance program and scalp treatment at small clinic called “Medi Scalp.” I bought a package through a discount site in Korea called Coupang. This place is great. They focus on scalp therapy and a session is an hour and a half. They give you all sorts of scalp massages, medicated ointments that are applied via an air compressor brush, shampooing, conditioning, steam cleansing, red light therapy, and finish off with a neck and shoulder massage. I bought 18 sessions through the deal and plan to go once a week. Their initial diagnosis of my scalp showed a lot of clogged follicles, inflammation and this may be playing a role with thinning hair alongside genetics, stress and lifestyle.

If it helps slow down or reverse thinning – great, but either way my scalp feels good and when they do their post treatment checkup on my scalp with a microscope camera, I can see a significant difference, specifically in cleanliness, sebum free and unclogged follicles and much less redness and inflammation.

If you come out here, it wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself to a session and then get a nice haircut at a nearby salon.

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