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Hey Kita!

Breast Augmentation (BA) via fat grafting is an option at some clinics, but implants still rule as the more common and popular technique here for several reasons:

  • Suitability – Not everyone is a candidate for fat grafting. Desired level augmentation and availability of donor fat from the patient come into play.
  • New Technique – Fat grafting for BA is still fairly new and not enough info and expertise is as widespread as augmentation via implants.
  • Limitations – The typical documented increases (long term results) via one fat graft session has usually been a half-cup to one full cup (usually closer to half-cup), whereas implants can provide larger increases. For further increase via fat grafting, you would need to follow up with more sessions.
  • Shape – Implants can provide most surgeons with control over shape, whereas, you’ll need a really experienced fat graft expert to be able to control shape.
  • Reabsorption – After the initial treatment, the size may be reduced overtime due to the body’s reabsorption of fat.
  • Cost – The cost, especially with a touch up fat graft sessions may end up being much more than a one-time implant procedure.
  • Convenience – Some doctors recommend doing a pre and post surgery home care systems such as the BRAVA system (see video below) along with fat grafting to get better results, so this requires a lot more time and dedication for the patient.

BRAVA System – Some doctors combine fat grafting with a home care program or system to get optimal results.

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