Reply To: Liposuction ~ 3 Million KRW


I’ve spent some time in Korea, and I have a few weeks left. I have this to share:

You can get it done for $1900 or less in Seoul. Use “mini-liposuction” as a search query or a term to bargain with, to get closer to that number. If you’re not looking for a mini-liposuction, you can still get below $2600 as long as you call or mail clinics.

However, doctors have all been pretty honest with me: they essentially told me I’m not fat enough for liposuction. It’s also because they take one look at me and know my subcutaneous fat is low even if my visceral fat makes me bloated. Even if an online consultant says they can operate, a doctor eventually sees my pictures and tells me they don’t recommend lipo because there’s not much to remove.


So I did a cryolypolysis yesterday!

If you’re skinny fat / not so fat, cryo is actually somewhat painful. More painful than if you’re an overweight person . However I put up with it. I went to a place where the cost was the cheapest I could find (50000 KRW), so they couldn’t make many adjustments for my pain situation.


Jeet mentioned fat dissolving injections; I didn’t want to do that because I read too much about how it’s safety or lack of bad side effects isn’t proven adequately. It’s understudied compared to cryo and ultrasonic.

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