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      I was wondering what is everyone’s opinion on the best/ideal time to go get plastic surgery for foreigners coming into Seoul?

      I know that most Western countries have their summers off July – September which is where I have met other users.

      Is anyone familiar when clinics do ‘specials’ or the clinics themselves are not too busy and are able to better accommodate a stricter time limit? When do locals do surgery? Is there a preferred month/season?

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      Jeet Singh

      @Nala great question.

      • Busy (Winter): November to Feb – Surgery slots fill up fast, not as flexible as other seasons
      • Slow: March to May – Better Availability and pricing can be more flexible
      • Steady: June to October  – Better Availability and pricing can be more flexible

      Best weather: April, May, August, September

      Some Korean holiday breaks are also very busy. These are typically a week off of work, so all the locals like to stack their procedures around this time.

      • Korean New Year – Seolnal
      • Korean Thanksgiving – Chuseok

      Since they follow a lunar calendar the dates change every year check out the table below:

      Try to avoid consultation and surgery dates around this time:

      Korean New Year 3 to 4 days Thanks Giving 3 to 4 days
      2018 February 16 (Fri) September 24 (Mon)
      2019 February 5 (Tue) September 13 (Fri)
      2020 January 25 (Sat) October 1 (Thu)
      2021 February 12 (Fri) September 21 (Tue)
      2022 February 1 (Tue) September 10 (Sat)
      2023 January 22 (Sun) September 29 (Fri)
      2024 February 10 (Sat) September 17 (Tue)
      2025 January 29 (Wed) October 6 (Mon)
      2026 February 17 (Tue) September 25 (Fri)
      2027 February 7 (Sun) September 15 (Wed)
      2028 January 27 (Thu) October 3 (Tue)


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