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      Jeet Singh

      The My Seoul Secret team is going to try a new experiment by constructing beauty packages.

      Our first one will be primary (first time operation) double eyelid + nose surgery with a 8 day healing hotel stay (hotel designed for patients), along with shuttle service, support and aftercare assistance from My Seoul Secret’s nurse and support team.

      We’re thinking of pricing this package at approximately ($5,999 USD). Only 25 will be sold. And the procedure will be at a reputable clinic experienced with international patients.

      We wanted to see if this is something our users would be interested or if there are other treatment packages they would like us to design and construct.

      I’m curious to know what our My Seoul Secret users think, and if you have any feedback.

      Please reply and share your thoughts

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      Yes please. Is this is a first come, first serve basis? Because if yes, I’ll buy it tomorrow right away.

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        I think a package deal is great but I think you would need to consider the following:
        1. Since it’s for 2 procedures would there be 2 different doctors? 1 who specializes in Rhinoplasty and 1 who specializes in eyes?
        2. If this deal works out and is successful you should post before and after pictures
        As someone who is considering primary Rhinoplasty I would be very interested in a package deal to take away the hassle, stress, and worth of a DIY approach. However the deal would need to ensure that I’m seeing a surgeon who specializes in the treatments I’m seeking and that the medical coordinator isn’t just sending me to a place where they are getting the most commission.

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          Jeet Singh


          Thanks this is good feedback. We have seen some surgeons who can nose & eyes together, while some like to focus on a specific area. It really depends on how practiced they are.

          When are you thinking about having your primary rhino?

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          I would not consider it until next year due to my scheduling conflicts at work and home. However I’ve started researching now since it seems like the abundance of plastic surgery clinics in Korea is rather extensive.

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      I’m assuming this is no longer valid?

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        Jeet Singh

        hi @mxm11, we’re still working on it. Should have it later this month. If you’d like to buy it sooner, please send me a message.

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      Hi, did you make package with double jaw surgery and rhynoplastie?


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        Jeet Singh

        Hi @ann,

        We don’t have one ready made yet since we’re starting with eyes and nose first. But we can try to make one, if you’d like us to make a custom package for you. One our care coordinators can assist @minjee.

        Can you please fill out details here:


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      Hmmmm I think it definitely depends where the client is flying in from. If they’re from within Asia, which I’m sure most are, this would be perfect but I know in my case (Australian) I’d probably try to do as many procedures as would be possible/safe as terrible as that sounds!!! Also there seems so be such a variety in prices/procedure types of rhinoplasty so it would need to be really specific as to what is included under rhinoplasty to avoid you guys getting a million questions 🙂

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      Jeet Singh


      Thanks for the feedback, this is good info. I think what we’re planning is for the rhinoplasty to be for primary cases (first time surgery) and it will include the vast array of techniques and methods:

      – Septal or ear cartiagle
      – Implant
      – Tip plasty
      – Osteotomy (wide bridge, hump correction, etc)

      However, it won’t be applicable for more labor intensive cases such as rib graft, reconstructive or revision rhinoplasty, etc…

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      Wow! This sounds like a great deal. Would the double eyelid have different methods as well? such as non-incision or eye widening included? And what about payment plans if your unable to pay the full price in one go? (terms and conditions) Also expiration?

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        Jeet Singh

        The package will include incisional, but we will look at alternative methods. Usually incisional is a blanket treatment that can cover all cases and tends to have permanent results since not everyone is a candidate for non-incisional. In terms of payment, we’re thinking it can be partial payment, and then the balanced will be paid on the day of surgery.

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      Jeet Singh

      Hi @TheNania we are working on the work flow, but the process will look something like this:

      1. Patient will first apply for pre-approval by filling at an medical intake form.
      2. This will be reviewed by staff.
      3. If approved they will then be given an invoice for deposit to secure their slot.
      4. They will then pay the balance upon arrival at the clinic on the day of surgery.

      Approval is to determine if they are a candidate for the procedure or if it is applicable based upon their medical history. If they are not approved for the particular method being offered, alternatives will be suggested and a custom package may be created.

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      Is the package still available or i am late? 🙂

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      Jeet Singh

      @roopsi it is available as a beta. Can you please fill out the form

      and put your user name in special note

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      Is this still active? I am assuming it is.

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