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      Hello all,

      I am from the US and looking to get double jaw surgery. I have a protruding chin and jaw asymmetry that I want to fix. I am trying to find clinics that focus solely on orthognathic surgery. I had a consultation with the doctor from the Face Dental. I will need orthodontics and the doctor recommended getting it in my home country. The problem is, orthodontists (in the US anyways, don’t know about other countries) are notoriously picky. It’s very hard here to find orthodontists who are willing to do braces treatment with doctors they’ve never worked with or met. So I am willing to do my orthodontics + jaw surgery in Korea. I am looking for clinics that only do maxillofacial surgeries. What kinds of clinics are there that will offer both orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery?  These are the ones I am thinking about so far..

      The Face Dental is on the top of my list right now but I want to explore other options.

      EverM is another option I’ve been considering because the doctor seems to have a lot of experience. But they are also very popular and I’ve heard from a lot of other people who went for consultations that it was so busy and they just felt like they were a number.

      Zeah Dental: I’ve heard good things about this but can’t find too many reviews about this place.

      Also, what are some hotels/guesthouses/airbnb’s that are good for surgery patients who need to recover? Can’t seem to find any place that is geared towards patients who come for plastic surgery.

      I appreciate your help^^

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