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      Hi everyone,

      I have several surgeries in America that were poorly executed and need revision. In addition, I am also looking for double jaw surgery to correct my overbite and crooked jaw.

      The surgeries I’m interested in revising are my nose, eyelids, and a genioplasty. I also need a surgical scar revision.

      Is anyone else looking at Korea for complex revision work?


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      Hi @mehere,

      Welcome to My Seoul Secret. That looks like a quite a complex stack of procedures. Are you interested in having them all done in Seoul? If so, would you like to have them all done in one trip?

      and @pnewelljr have had genioplasty in Seoul at Everm and at VIP Plastic Surgery and they may be able to chime in with their experience.

      What type of scar revision are you looking for?

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