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      Hi i have heard a lot about cosmetic surgery in Korea being better than thailand however not much information can be found..

      I am wanting to have nose surgery and doing my research on Korea vs Thailand.

      Can you please list the top 5 renowned Surgeons in Korea that specialise in Nose.

      Listing first the very best first. As this surgery is HUGE for me and its on my face i want to make the absolute best decision as i will have to live with it for the rest of my life..

      Appreciate your assistance and hoping this site will help find the surgeon i am looking for.


      thank you


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      Hi @mumu84

      Thanks for posting! To help filter through the list of clinics, I was wondering what look are you hoping to achieve – dramatic change or natural?

      Also, what sort of nose treatments are you seeking?

      Heightening your bridge, augmenting nostrils, correcting a droopy tip, deviated septum, etc…?

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      Hi Foxyfire

      Natural look – Heightening the bridge and reducing the size of bulbous nose tip.


      thank you


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      Jeet Singh


      Just chiming in. For bridge heightening do you have a preference for synthetic material such as a silicone implant, or using your own donor cartilage? Say rib cartilage for example.

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      no actual preference thank you

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        Sora Lee


        This is just my opinion, but the clinics that are popular with Koreans for nose are:

        1. Garosu Plastic Surgery
        2. Go Woon Se Sang
        3. Gold Plastic Surgery
        4. Daily Plastic Surgery
        5. Mega Plastic Surgery

        NOTE FROM MODERATOR (Jeet): Please note these are Sora’s picks and opinion, and not the My Seoul Secret’s. Sora acts as an independent beauty advisor for My Seoul Secret. She is a long time friend and we occasionally ask her about trending clinics in local Korean online beauty chatter. Always, do your own due diligence and feel free to ask us if yo tou want verify information.

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      There are clinics that just focus on nose rhinoplasty, and often times they are ENT doctors who have crossed over into cosmetic surgery, since they have extensive knowledge of the nose from their ENT experience, it’s hard to say if they are best, but they tend to have a high volume of cases and experience. In reality though they are not technically considered a licensed plastic surgeon, but are able to perform rhinoplasty.

      An example would be Dr. Jung at Shimmian Clinic

      Experienced rhinoplasty plastic surgeons that may be worth a consultation are:

      • Dream – Dr. Park
      • TLPS – Dr. Kim
      • Migo – Dr Kang
      • VIP – Dr Lee
      • Mega – Dr Yoo
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      If you’re looking after that ‘slope’ nose, I’ve seen some nice results from Dr Seo from Braun. I myself am not a fan of that nose just because I don’t think it will suit me but I saw it on my friend and it really suited her. It’s been almost one year and there doesn’t seem to be any deviation or tip dropping. However, from what I have heard Dr Seo no longer works at Braun? Some say he was fired or he left to start his own clinic.

      Do you know where he went? I know many international patients on Kakao are scrambling trying to find him

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      Has anyone had any experience with Oh & Young Plastic Surgery? They published a paper recently about stem cells as a way to soften scar tissue before revision rhinoplasty and I am thinking of getting this done but need to find someone who already had the procedure. I can’t afford another mistake with my nose.

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      Also has anyone had a stem cell procedure with Hershe Plastic Surgery? Any opinions?

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      For rhinoplasty, I suggest you go for the (SPAM)

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      Jeet Singh

      UPDATE: Be sure to know the surgeon’s aesthetic preferences & beauty philosophy

      It’s best to know what type of nose you have and the type you’re going for, and see if your surgeon is on the same page as you.

      If you would like guidance and advice in navigating rhinoplasty surgeons in Seoul. Please feel free to ask us for a recommendation. Our team and staff have helped hundreds of patients receive recommendations.

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