Best way to make my nose straight?


I want to have a reduction of my nose and make it straight. See the attached picture for reference. How much does it cost and what is the procedure?

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First of all, Thank you for your inquiry.

If you would want to have more accurate suggestions and get the estimated cost for the surgeries, you’d better attach your pictures (Straight angled front, side view and 45 degree angle)

Then we’ll be able to provide you with the more suitable methods and estimated price range for your case.

However, here are some suggestions based on the side profile photo that you attached.

There is hump on your nose bridge. To make a more defined and straight nose dorsum (the external ridge of the nose), the hump should be corrected. Also your nose seems small for your face (especially the tip of nose looks up-turned nose), and you seem to have wide nasal bone.

When you have wide nasal bone, the bridge of your nose would be seem more lower even you have a high bridge nose. For these reasons, we suggest you do lateral osteotomy and basic rhinoplasty (high soft silicone implant on bridge to make a more smooth bridge and use septal cartilage (which is from inside your nose) to make a more sharper, longer and higher nose tip.

The estimated price would be 6,160,000 KRW (around $6,000~6,500 USD). The price given is GIVEN for a primary case (first time having rhinoplasty)

Please note that the priced is an estimated price, which is based on pictures and it might change by being significantly lower or unchanged, after a face to face consultation.

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