What is the best clinic to correct bimaxillary / bialveolar protrusion?


Hello, I have a severe issue with my mouth, teeth, and chin. I feel the issue is unique to me because I haven’t seen other people with my mid and lower face. My lower jaw is recessed but there is the illusion of being advanced because my chin is protruding (as well as my mandibular alveolar bone and teeth). This creates a very deep labiomental crease that looks weird and ugly. Some people have suggested a chin implant, but that would only deepen the crease! My chin already looks unnatural as if a genioplasty was performed or something implanted (you will see it especially in the 3rd picture of the first album). Only someone with no understanding of aesthetics would suggest a chin implant or advancement genioplasty. My maxillae alveolar bone and teeth are also proclined. I like the look of “flat teeth” that are straight down from the alveolar bone (like the 4th pic of the third album). Please see the pictures I’ve attached. Since the limit here is 4, I’ve uploaded all relevant pictures elsewhere as you can see below.

My lower face area:

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Some of the surgeries I think I need:

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My desired results:

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As far as the attached pictures, the first 2 are of my mouth/chin region and the last 2 are what I would like surgery to achieve.

Here are surgeries I think I need

1. Anterior segmental maxillary osteotomy (to eliminate proclination of upper teeth)

2. Anterior subapical mandibular osteotomy (to eliminate proclination of lower teeth)

3. Chin and cortical bone reduction (to eliminate angle between teeth and chin [labiomental groove])

4. Lip reduction and bullhorn lip lift (to eliminate the extra flesh when teeth are reclined and give pout to upper lip)

5. Upper and lower jaw advancement (because I believe my lower jaw is recessed [I get double chin easily, fat has small area to distribute in jowls] and for the teeth to align, my upper jaw should advance as well)

I would also want a partial Lefort iii (malar advancement/orbital rim advancement without nose), aggressive zygoma reduction, slight mandible reduction, and jowl liposuction in addition to the surgeries above.

If there’s a clinic that can perform these surgeries or work with me to achieve the desired results, please respond.

Thank you!

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