Caucasian revision rhinoplasty in Korea?


Can you recommend the best clinics/surgeons who perform mostly rhinoplasty/have experience with Caucasian noses. How much would I expect to pay for this operation in Korea?

I am from Europe, England and am willing to travel, to receive the best options.



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@julesok Many clinics in Korea are experienced with Caucasian rhinoplasty, especially since Korea has a US Military base, and several Caucasian patients visiting from Europe and the middle east. Here are average prices provided by the Korean government. This might be helpful in understanding the costs.



  • julesok
    Hi Thanks for the reply,it’s very much appreciated. I plan to go to Korea next year. I have really exhausted all avenues in Europe. The UK is just too expensive and I think the surgeons lack vision and most of them experience. For a top surgeon is the UK you would pay £10000 for a revision! I could pay for surgery in Korea and two plane fares..Any how,I love traveling and if I did go to Korea,I could cross that off my bucket list! I have been searching for three years now :-/ Obviously,I want to make the right decision and I know the surgeons on that side of the world have a good rep..Now I just need to find the right surgeon/clinic for me.
  • Jeet Singh
    We can assist you. ITEM Clinic has expressed interest in your case. If you would like please fill out this patient intake form, and we will send your case details to Julie.
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Dear @julesok,

Thank you for your inquiry. My name is Julie and I am the English Patient Consultant at Item Clinic.

If you would want to have more accurate consultation and get the estimate cost for the surgeries, please send us your pictures (Straight angled front and side view, without makeup or colored lenses) and we will be then able to provide you with the methods and estimated price range for your case.

Also, please fill in below

1) Date of Birth
2) Nationality (and Current city)
3) Plastic surgery history in detail (When you did surgery, which method, used materials for previous surgery)
4) All procedures you wish to have

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Item Clinic

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