Treatment for failed Aquafilling to cheeks?


I have been suffering from permanent filler (Aquafill) injected into my cheek. I am contacting you from Dubai, but I am Lebanese. I am 27 years old and I suffered from malpractice in plastic surgery. I was unknowingly injected with permanent fillers in cheek however all was good until one day and accident happened which resulted in a trauma to the right side of my face which and the then product to reacted and started to migrate.

I have been to plenty of plastic surgeons, sadly with no conscious. I know my story is like many out there and I pray for them to. If you can save me I would be eternally grateful.

  • Jeet Singh
    Hi @secrets7777, I am going to send you a personal message about how to add photos.
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Dear @secrets7777,

This is Julie (English Consultant), ITEM Clinic. First, Thank you for your inquiry.

However, our surgeon cannot diagnosis your current condition without exact information or current pictures.

Also, please provide more information in detail (When did you get filler, where did you get filler, from when did you have abnormal symptoms, whether you have heat sensation or pain on the injected area, etc)

Also you’d better attach your before and present pictures for our surgeon to better examine your condition and we will be then able to provide you with the methods.

Thank you
Best Regards,
Julie Kim, ITEM Clinic

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