Can I have cosmetic dental implants? 43 Year Old Male, teeth removed 10 years ago.


Ten years ago I had four of my upper front teeth removed, and now I am interested in having cosmetic dental implants. Is it possible to have implants when my teeth were removed 10 years ago?

Teeth removed:

  • Central Incisors: 11 & 21
  • Lateral Incisors:  12 & 22
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Thanks for your question. If you have missing teeth, the best way to replace them are with implants. But we need to take an x-ray to see your bone quality and whether it can support implants or not.

So, it really depends on your bone quality and condition. It takes about three months to heal and integrate with your bone. However, if your bone quality isn’t good, you should wait about six months. We carry a vareity of dental implant brands, and the costs may range from 1,400,000 won (~$1,240 USD) to 2,500,000 won (~$2,215 USD) per tooth.

If you don’t have enough bone to support the implants, we will add some artificial bone to the surgery site, which is estimated to cost about 300,000 won.

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As long as you have enough bones around the missing teeth site, implants are possible. If you have insufficient bones, it can still be okay to have implant surgery, but we will place more bones around the surgical site (‘bone graft’) and then place the implant fixtures.

Rough treatment plans are as follows:

* 1st visit to Korea : stay in Korea for at least 3-5 days
– Implant surgery (and bone graft)
– Placing temporary bridges (flippers)

— about 4 months healing time in your home country —

* 2nd visit to Korea : stay in Korea for at least 2 weeks (you can go back and forth during the period time)
– Placing 4 implant crowns

It would be great if you could send us your full mouth X-ray taken within 6 months. We will have Dr. Chung review it and let him know if implants are possible on his case.

As for Dr. Chung, he completed advanced training in Implant Dentistry in New York University, USA and has years of clinical experience with over 99.2% implant successful rate. His implant department received Grand Prize at the Korean Global Medical Service Awards in 2008.

For any further questions or an appointment for initial consultation, please feel free to contact us.

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