Unsatisfied with surgery in Thailand need advice on Face lift and other treatments?


Hello there. I’ll make it short. I’m Amber and I’m 28.

Three years ago I visited Thailand clinic and I had my nose done for the second time,  jaw and cheek reduction, lip reduction and a chin implant. I thought the jaw surgery plus the cheek surgery would make my face look younger and firmer. The bloating after surgery and weight loss have made my face look a lot saggy and my lips pointing downwards.

I look 40, and people keep have mistaken me for my older sister’s aunt. It’s that bad. I have looked into Grand hospital and they recommended MACS life, fat grafting and eyelid surgery to make me look a lot younger and looking fresh.

ID hospital on the other hand recommended a lot of things I do not need and that I have done already, which are jaw shaving replacing my chin implant and cheek bone reduction which I have told them I have already done. The truth is I’m really interested in Grand hospital.

I have read an article that said one of the doctors allowed another assistant to take over which caused a death of a young woman. and I have contacted them about that news to conform it linking the article. I do not know what to do at this point.

I have looked at: Wonjin, Regen Globa,l TL plastic surgery, JK plastic, I googled each of the hospitals and each one seems to have commercialize reviews.

Kindly help me to decide.


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Hi Amber,

Thanks posting your question a lot members can sympathize and relate to your concerns and past experience. 

There are a lot of clinics out here in Seoul, so it’s important to find the one that best matches your goals and expectations, assuming they are reasonable and realistic.

You really want to listen to your gut, so if coming across a bad article is a red flag for you, then you have your answer, but for some other patients it might not bother them so much because they might see it as an isolated incident. It will be different for everyone, so listen to your gut.

On that note, when it comes to other people’s experiences and reviews, they tend to be subjective. And you’re right, a lot reviews are fake, sponsored and comercialized. We see this on sites like Amazon and the App stores as well, so you have to read reviews with healthy skepticism.

As an international patient you have two ways to go about your journey:

Do it yourself – you can use sites like My Seoul Secret to post questions, browse clinics profiles and plan things on your own, we’re also implementing an appointment booking tool to make things easier.

Do it for me – This is where you can have a professional medical research service go out and do the work for you. This is a service we offer where we filter and gather treatment offers from clinics and doctors that match your criteria for you to review. We also help provide tech support, schedule management and concierge assistance while you’re in Seoul to make things easier. 

We’ve had patients have treatment at Wonjin, Regen, TL and JK plastic surgery. And the vast majority were satisfied, and for patients that had any concern or issues after, we assisted them them to help resolve it. 

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