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I’m a 30 year old caucasian american female who would like facial contouring. My face is long and narrow from adenoid/underbite issues as a teen. I generally would just like my aesthetics balanced. My chin is too long and my jaw narrow /undefined. My nose also needs slimmed. From profile, my maxilla is slightly recessed and my mouth protrude causing a masculine look as well. Smile is crooked from facial asymmetry. I am less concerned about facial asymmetry as the goal is a natural balanced and “cuter” aesthetic. I am interested in having a single procedure is possible to address these issues. Please let me know what you would recommend, and other details such as cost and length of stay. I have pictures of each angle with a hypothetical photoshop to each so you can get and idea of what I want. Note the asymmetry between left and right especially profile

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    Thanks for posting your questions. Our clinics will be responding shortly. We have seen a lot of caucasian patients have similar treatment goals and get the results they were looking for in Seoul. If you have any questions about your beauty journey, don’t be stranger and feel free to reach out for any questions or guidance – Jeet | Founder & Former Foreign Patient | My Seoul Secret
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Hello this is Bella, foreign patient facilitator from ID Hospital Korea.

Thank you for your question and for taking your time to post photos. I would like to remind you that recommendations are purely recommendations, and a face to face consultation with our experienced doctors using diagnostic tools such as X rays and CT scans will provide a more accurate diagnosis, along with the best surgical treatment plan for you.

Based on your photos, it appears that you may be a candidate for V-Line and two jaw surgery, and since you can’t get a Rhinoplasty while having a Two jaw surgery at the same time (difficulties to breath), you can wait for 3~4 weeks after the day of the first surgery to have a rhinoplasty. Here are the approximate fees for these surgeries:

Two jaw surgery starts at 20 million KRW (~19000 USD) + Wafer impression mold 2.5 million KRW (~2300 USD)

  • V-line surgery starts at 10 million KRW (~9000 USD)
  • Rhinoplasty starts at 5 million (~4450 USD)

Price is inclusive of pre and post operation examination fee (X-ray and CT scan), post-op treatments fee, anesthesia fee etc. USD price can be changed due to exchange rate. All surgery fees are based on Korean Won. Please also note that if there is differed recommendation during the direct consultation there will be a change in price.

If you are getting all these surgeries, you’re required to stay in Korea for 5 ~6 weeks at least for following check-up and treatments and for removal of stitches.

If you need further information, please let us know.

Have a lovely day!

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Hello, we are Faceline Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea, a hospital with specialized surgeons in facial bone surgery and contouring as well other specialty departments too.  Thank you for question and posting photos.  After observing them, here are possible surgery recommendations you may be eligible for, and the average price ranges:

1.     Smart Two Jaw Surgery- By performing REMA (Reverse Estimating Method of Analysis) and JSRO (Jawline Setup Ramus Osteotomy is used to improve functional and cosmetic effects, to obtain the expected results and to create a slimmer and beautiful jaw line.

Approx. 22,000,000 KRW ~ 26,000,000 KRW

2.     Face contouring (front chin reduction to reduce the length and refine the shape)-

Approx. 6,500,000 ~ 7,500,000 KRW

3.     Rhinoplasty (nose reduction/ nostril reduction, lateral osteotomy – narrowing the width of nose bridge bone, implant or cartilage if necessary) *nose surgery is possible at least 2 weeks after two jaw surgery*

Approx. 4,500,000 ~ 6,500,000 KRW

**It is recommended to stay in Korea minimum 2 weeks to maximum 4 weeks for two jaw surgery, 7-14 days for face contouring and nose surgery.**

Please note that these are recommendations for educational purposes, and not a diagnosis. This opinion may change after having an accurate diagnosis from our surgeon.  For two jaw and face contouring surgery, the accurate diagnosis can be only made after taking X-ray, CT scan, and dental examination in order to find out if you are in a suitable and appropriate condition for the surgery.  Also, fees may be negotiated during the face to face consultation. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you! 

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