Facial enhancement for Chinese woman seeking a Korean style look?


I want to look better but unsure of which surgery I need. I am Chinese, and I want to look like a beautiful Korean. My current concerns are my eyes and nose. I prefer to have everything done in one surgery, with one surgeon. Is there any clinic that can offer consultation through the internet?

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Thank you for submitting your question.

If you are seeking a Korean beauty aesthetic, we can recommend the following based on the photos you uploaded:


Your eyes look a little sleepy, so a ptosis correction surgery (partial incision + ptosis correction) or (non incision + ptosis correction) might be recommended for you.

However, doctors may recommend full incisional double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction for a more effective result and major improvement.

If you have epi canthoplasty (removing the skin folds on the inner corner of your eyes) with double eyelid surgery, your eyes will look more distinct and larger.


Your nasal bone on the front side view appears to be wide, so an osteotomy (bone cutting and reshaping) might be recommended.

Also, if your nose tip is raised, the tip will look smaller than it is now, and look more refined, and the surgeon should be careful not to make it too sharp.

When your nose tip is lifted, the nostrils will also be lifted and will appear smaller than they are now. Moreover your nose wings are thick, and we recommend an alar reduction surgery to help make the base of your nose appear more slender and thinner.

We recommend having an actual face to face consultation with a qualified and board certified plastic surgeon to get a more accurate diagnosis.

Regen Beauty Medical Group is a full-service medical beauty hospital that has specialized departments for various plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments. You can have multiple areas of the face and body treated at our hospital, presuming you are in good health and a suitable candidate for such procedures.

For your reference:

Non incision & partial incision double eyelid surgery costs range between 1,800,000KRW ~ 2,200,000KRW.

Rhinoplasty costs approximately 6,000,000KRW.

Alar reduction costs 1,500,000KRW

These are approximate costs if the procedures are done separately, however the actual cost may be lower, higher or unchanged depending upon your actual consultation.

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