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Hello, I am a transgender female living in England. I have attached a picture which shows me labelled ‘present’ in the photograph. It is the first picture on the left.

It was taken in the last 3 months and has had no Photoshop retouching or enhancements. I am not wearing makeup. The picture was taken on a camera phone with no controlled lighting

Is it possible by using various surgical techniques such as facial feminization, rejuvenation and beautification to achieve a new face similar to the pictures labelled ‘40s’ or ‘50s’ in the picture?

Thank you for reading this message and please ask if you have any questions. I am happy to speak on the telephone and also to travel to Korea for a personal consultation.



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Hi Toni

Thank you for posting your question and uploading the images. The photo resolution is a bit low, so it’s hard to asses and offer a better opinion. For the touched up photos, it’s hard to tell, but it appears that a reference image of another’s face was super imposed over your original image to approximate the results you’re looking for. If that was the case, please note you should consider that as a guideline and not a definitive goal or expectation for your treatment outcome.

Given the first or non-modified image, it is possible to see a significant improvement through anti-aging treatments such as stem-cell treatments, face-lifting, accusculpt and a neck lift. These are not as invasive as say facial bone contouring feminization, which may be an option, but these procedures become risker with age, so it’s important to be cleared for these through a health screening with your provider.

A face to face exam will better determine the treatment opinion. If you have not already, we recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon in your local area to help you navigate and understand available treatment options. If you decide to come to Korea for treatment, we have had successful feminization cases at our hospital.

  • tonitingle
    Dear Banobagi Clinic, The first paragraph of your answer doesn’t really make sense to me because you have not answered my question. But I am happy to accept the second part of your answer which is without a face to face consultation you cannot really give me any view about the viability of my request. I will make arrangements to come to Korea for a consultation. Do you have a contact person in your organisation who I can deal with to make an appointment. Thank you Toni
  • Jeet Singh
    Hi Toni, you can fill out an intake form, and under special note you can put Banobagi Appointment: It will go to Banobagi’s consultation team: https://myseoulsecret.com/patient-intake-form
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