I had a failed eyelid surgery before, what should I do?


I have had a previous eyelid surgery but one of them disappeared, so I have an eyelid only on one side of my eyes. As the previous one was an incisional eye surgery, I naturally would think to have an incisional surgery on the other eyes too.

However, since that eyes have had a surgery before, would it be wise to be cut open again? Wont it leave scars?

Lastly, is a surgery on one eye possible? Because I actually like my other eyes.

Thank you very much!

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Thanks for your question. Some clinics may respond back shortly, but here some insights from my experience of assisting international patients with revision eyelid surgery.

It is OK to have an incisional revision surgery, and many of have done this before. I have seen some local Korean people who have had it 3 times. There will be a scar but it will become more fine over time, and will become unnoticeable the scar is hidden in the crease or fold. The only time it’s noticeable is when your eyes are completely shut and someone is carefully examining your eyes.

If you are satisfied with your other eye, and only want to correct one eye, it is possible.

The only way to know for sure is consult with a board certified plastic surgeon with a specialty in oculoplastic surgery (eye area), and experience in revision cases.

If you are serious about increased your chances for a successful surgery in Korea and are unfamiliar with the local medical providers and their skills and competencies, I highly advise seeking the assistance of a medical facilitator or treatment case coordinator. 

My Seoul Secret does offer this service and we are licensed facilitator with data and first hand experience with cosmetic surgery network in Seoul. If you want to open a case with us and you are planning to come in the next 6 months. Please feel free to fill out an intake form: https://myseoulsecret.com/patient-intake-form/



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