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My name is helen from Vietnam,  I would like to inquire about fat grating and nose surgery, I have signs of aging on my face and laugh lines. Additionally, I want to put a little bit of fat on my chin to balance out my face. Below are pictures, could you let me know how much it fat grating and nose surgery would cost? Thanks

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Thank you for submitting your questions and photos.

After observing your photos, here are our opinions & options for you to consider.

1. Nose

Transplanting an implant to your nose bridge and using cartilage (part of your ear) to raise a bit for the nose tip will help make you look more balanced and have sharper look when viewed from the front and side. Also reducing nostril size will help make your nose balanced.

Approximate Price :

1) Nose surgery : 4,950,000 ~ 6,050,000 KRW

2) Reduction of Nostrils : 1,320,000 KRW

2. Fat grafting

Having fat grafting on your front cheek, forehead and on the laugh line will improve to look more young. However, unfortunately, there could be limits to help the chin to be balanced by just going through fat grafting. To have a certain result, we would like to recommend you to think about cheekbone reduction to have a balanced chin.

Approximate Price :

1) Fat grafting : 3,300,000 KRW

2) Cheekbone Reduction : 66,00,000 KRW

Note these are general fees and prices and can be lower or unchanged depending upon your specific case and as we get more information.

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