How to fix my foreign looking nose and have a tip reduction?


As you can see, my nose is a very odd shape and makes my eyes looks strange as well. My nose is very bulbous and crooked. I’m completely Japanese but my nose makes me look very foreign and it never liked it. There is a small bump on the left side of my nose bridge. I would like my tip reshaped and my nose bridge reduced to have a more traditional Japanese nose.
My eyelids have become strangely shaped in the inner corners because of my nose bridge. When I was younger, my nose looked much different and more Japanese. I don’t remember any trauma but for some reason as I’ve gotten older (20) it looks very strange.

What is the recommended operations to have a more traditional look to my face and make it more symmetrical? I feel my chin may be very set back as well. Would a nose reduction and small chin implant make my face much more flattering?

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