Head reshaping surgery?


The size of my head is small and narrows from the temporal area to the top of my head. I am looking for a clinic that does head reshaping to increase the size of my head and to make it symmetrical.

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    • 1 year ago
    Im a 13 year old boy and I have a weird head shape. Its wide and big in the back and flat. I don’t like it at all because im big headed. If you are in north Houston texas please please help my head shape and change it I would really appreciate it. I want my head shape changed. Or maybe you can make it smaller if that’s easier. Thanks for your time to read this if you are now.
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Hi @mikeusa32,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We can provide some informations of skull reshaping procedure though we cannot diagnosis exactly without your current pictures.

There are many materials to be used for skull reshaping surgery.

ITEM perform skull reshaping surgery for back of head using Methyl methacrylate (simply MMA, or also called Osteobond) which is bone cement for being used as surgical material to reconstruct body structure.

For this procedure, 3~4cm of incision is made on the scalp. Then delicate dissection will be done around membrane which is covering the bone and make an enough space to insert Osteobond. After inserting MMA into the desired location through the incision and carefully mold the MMA into the desired shape while it hardens (This procedure takes around 3~5minutes).  After the Osteobond had set hard, scalp closure is done by using surgical staples and nylon sutures.

If you receive above surgery, you are recommended to stay in Korea for about 7-10 days after the surgery so that you can get post-operative treatments including stitch removal and required to visit the hospital two or three times for post-treatments.

I hope this information is hepful for you.

Again, thank you very much for your interest in Skull Reshaping procedure.

Please feel free to contact us when you have more inquiries.


Thank you

Best Regards

ITEM Plastic Surgery

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