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I am concerned about my lower eyelid area. Seems to have lost volume. My cheeks also seem to have lost volume and/or have become slightly saggy. My cheeks have also developed smile lines on the sides. I was just looking for appropriate treatments.


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Thank you for your inquiry. I am the English Team Manager, Hebe Zou, from BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery Hospital. We have reviewed your images, and our doctors suggest the following treatment options:

Treatment Option 1: Fat grafting

Fat Grafting is a term used in plastic surgery when fat tissue is taken from one area and transferred to another, which is then allowed to heal in place. The healing depends on the ability of this transferred tissue to survive long enough until new blood vessels are formed to provide blood supply, oxygen, and nutrients to this grafted tissue. Thus, it may require more than 1 time to be done. Usually, we ask our patients to wait for about 3 months to see how much fat will survive on the face, and decide if it is better to get a second-time procedure. Most patients report not only an aesthetically pleasing and semi-permanent improvement in facial soft tissue volume but also an improvement in the quality and vitality of their facial skin. This is a rough estimate for the treatment price: 2,750,000 to 3,300,000 Korean won which includes X-ray (if needed), CT scan (if needed), consultation, hospitalization, post care treatment, some medicine (not all), and pick up service (one way).

Treatment Option 2: Complex Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower complex blepharoplasty is a multifaceted procedure that incorporates the following advancements:

  • Fat Transposition: Newer techniques no longer remove the excess fat, but reposition it, transposing it to the area that is depressed, or concave. As stated above, the primary problem of the sagging lower eyelid was due to the weakened septum that could no longer tightly hold fat tissue. Thus, fat repositioning would not only remove excess fat but also enhances the area that is deprived of the fullness. This way, patients will not have to worry about a malnourished appearance.
  • Muscle Release: The muscle that is attached to the bone of the lower eye rim is released to create space for placement of fat, therefore building more volume to the face.
  • Cheek Lift (optional depends on your condition) Re-elevation of the soft tissue in the cheek is also performed in combination with the lower blepharoplasty. This will result in a smooth, flush surface from the lower eyelid, allowing the patient to appear younger.
  • Muscle Suspension is also performed by re-elevating the orbicularis oculi muscle back to its original position. For many Asian patients, this creates the highly desired youthful lower eyelid fullness (see Youthful Lower Eyelid Fullness). Moreover, unlike the traditional technique of canthopexy or canthoplasty, the advancements do not alter the eye’s anatomy, providing for the eye’s natural shape.
  • Dark Circles: Depending on the cause of the dark circles underneath eyes, modern blepharoplasty may significantly improve the discoloration. Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by two factors. One cause can be due to blood flow blockage or vessel congestion (technically called Venus congestion). Another cause of dark under eye circles is the overproduction of melanin, a substance in our skin that causes pigmentation. If the dark circles is caused by Venus congestion, releasing the vessels and increasing blood flow can drastically improve the discoloration. However, if caused by overproduction of melanin, surgery will not be effective. If both factors play a part in the dark circles, the ratio of the attributing cause will determine how effective the surgery will be in improving the dark circles.
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Dear @awhitebi, Thank you for your inquiry. This is Julie Kim, English patient consultant from ITEM Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea. We have shown your photos to our doctors and these are the following treatments they recommend based for anti-aging treatments.

1) Lower Blepharoplasty:  There is a ‘fat sac’ similar to a type of cushion that is present around the eyes in order to protect the eyeball situated in the orbital floor. However, when the resilience of the skin decreases with aging the bulging outline of this lipid sac becomes externally visible, which we normally refer to the traces of years past. Such appearance makes a person look somewhat more tired and gives oppressive facial impression to a person, even though the person in fact is neither tired of feeling bad. Such appearance can be improved simply through lower blepharoplasty. Suture thread will be removed 7 days after the surgery, and almost all normal daily life activities can be carried out with the exception of intense exercise.

2) Fat Graft for full face: (Forehead,Temple,Maxilla, Cheeks, Nasolabial folds)  Phenomenon of aging process includes not only wrinkles and sagging but also revealing of the skull due to reduction of soft tissues in the face. Since such phenomenon gives strong impression, aged and depressed appearances, patients can change such into a more youthful looking appearance by solving the problem fundamentally through fat transplant. Moreover, it is highly effective for deep wrinkles as well as regeneration for skin condition.Fat Graft can deliver and create amazing results but its risks and complications are comparatively very low probable to be arise. With high rate of graft survival, it can rejuvenate the face semi-permanently for a more balanced, youthful, feminine appearance without looking unnatural.

3) V-loc lifting: This is optional since you don’t have that much of sagging s according to your pictures, so you don’t need this procedure unless you have a big concern over any sagging. It is a thread-lifting surgery to synthesize collagen by inserting a special barbed thread into the soft tissue areas of the face. The V-Loc Lifting has received the approval of the KFDA of South Korea and the FDA of United States, projection is more powerful the thread of conventional projection (barb).

The estimated procedures and price for treatment 

1) Lower Blepharoplasty : 2,640,000 South Korean Won

2) Fat graft for full face : 3,520,000 South Korean Won

3) V-loc lifting : 4,400,000 KRW  *Optional*

Please note that the price is an estimated price and it might change after face to face consultation with the doctor. The price is fixed and includes 10% tax, medications and post operative treatments if you pay in Korean cash currency.

Regarding recovery period, if you receive above surgery, you are recommended to stay in Korea for about 7-10 days after the surgery so that you can get post-operative treatments including stitch removal and required to visit the hospital two or three times for post-treatments. Major swelling or bruising will gradually go away in about 1 ~2 weeks following the surgery day.

It is going to take for about a month for minor swelling to subside. You will see the final result at least 6 months to a year after the surgery. However, the degree of swelling or bruising largely depends on personal cases and conditions. Again, thank you very much for your interest in our clinic. Best Regards, Julie Kim

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