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I had eyelid surgery done in India three years ago and it did not turn out well. I am an older Caucasian male. My right eyelid droops while my left eyelid seems rather ‘pulled up’ which makes my left eye look more ‘alert’.  Is it possible to have eyelid surgery that would adjust/correct my right eyelid so that both eyelids would match? I believe too much skin was taken from my left eyelid to make any additional surgery possible on my left eyelid.

As well, do you think it would be possible and/or advisable to have lower eyelid surgery on both eyes in order to make me look younger? I’m not sure that’s possible given the result of the past surgery.

I’ve attached a photo of my eyes for your consideration. My right eye will appear on the left side of your screen.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


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Hi Denis,

Thank you for posting your question. We will have clinics responding soon. And sorry to hear that your procedure in India didn’t turn out as expected. If you would like to consider Korea as treatment destination, rest assured that we have seen a large volume of anti-aging patients and cases with varying degrees of ptosis or drooping or falling of the upper eyelids be treated effectively with upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery) with either a combination brow lift and ptosis correction to tighten the levator muscles of their upper eyelid for improved function and form.

If you would like to consider South Korea as an option please feel free to fill out one of our patient intake forms, and we can help you plan your journey. 

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Jeet Dhindsa

Co-Founder, My Seoul Secret

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After reviewing your photos, the doctor has the following recommendations:

Lower Blepharoplasty + Lifting

In this procedure, the doctor will make incisions right below your lower eyelashes. Using these incisions, bulging fat can be manipulated (removed or repositioned) for a smooth and youthful lower eyelid surface. Any loose skin will also be lifted up and fixed at the lateral corner to bring back elasticity and youthfulness.

Ptosis Correction

Sleepy and unbalanced appearing eyes are due to weakened eyelid muscles. In this case, it is important to strengthen these muscles while making double eyelid creases, so your eyes can open easily and widely. In the procedure, the doctor will make a full incision to create double eyelid creases suiting your condition. Scarring may take up to three months to fade, but they will eventually disappear over time.

Please note that these suggested procedures are not a diagnosis. All procedure plans are finalized after an in-person consultation with a doctor.

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