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I am from India, I’m planning to come to Seoul in 2018  for a revision rhinoplasty. Could you please help be with the clinics best for revision rhinoplasty? I am looking for a ethnic rhinoplasty.  I have few other queries too. Have a nice Day !!

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Hi Shilpa, thanks for your question. There are a lot of options to choose from, but it’s best to get an idea about your current nose condition, medical history and what your goals, criteria and preferences are for surgery. This information helps to better recommend providers that are best suited for you. There is no one best plastic surgeon, what’s best for someone else, or for me, may not be best for you. Our goal is to know what you’re looking for and then filter options for you to make a better decision. 

As a patient you have 2 options. You can research and do things yourself, or you can have a professional service do the research for you like a medical facilitator, coordinator or agency. But just like choosing a good doctor, you should take care in choosing a good treatment planner or coordinator. Here’s an insider tip, be cautious of the ones recommended by internet forums, sponsored YouTubers or popular Instagram users they are simply paid to say good things about poor services.

We have a SMART Beauty Service

Free options: You can fill out our intake form and get a free quote and treatment opinion from one of our featured clinics or you can navigate clinic profiles on our site and book appointments directly. 

Paid Version: We collect a deposit ($350) USD, and then schedule a phone call and learn your goals, criteria and preferences. We’ll then match you with 2 to 3 options that best match your criteria. We will negotiate the offers on your behalf, and you can choose and pre-book treatment with one of the the providers for a lower surgery cost or you can come in and consult with all the options face to face and decide. 


1) Visit your local doctors first. I would advise to first seek opinions from qualified plastic surgeons near you, and if you don’t like those options then consider Korea. If you find the right doctor near you it will be so much easier.

2) Have enough time. If you pre-book surgery (decide before you arrive) you should plan to stay in Korea for 9 to 10 days. If you want to come and consult face to face with multiple clinics you should plan to stay at least 12 to 14 days to factor in schedule availability for surgery.

3) Have a decent budget. Revision rhinoplasty usually starts at $5,000 and can be as high as $11,000. The average will fall between $5900 to $7,000 (as of Dec 2017). You should have a reasonable budget prepared to give you access to high quality options. We all want to save money, but that shouldn’t be your priority when it comes to your face. A lot of people take a chance and risk on low cost options sometimes it works and other times it’s a disappointing result that will cost more time and money to correct. 

4) Pick what’s right for you. Select doctor’s that match your criteria, and do not blindly go on anonymous referrals. Here is order of quality information: The best advice you can get it is from a qualified medical professional who know the local medical industry well, the 2nd best advice is from an actual friend or family member you personally know who had a similar surgery in Korea, the third but lowest quality of advice is from clinic websites and other patients who share stories on the internet. That information is often too polarizing, either extremely good or bad and often not enough is know about the people writing that information. 

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