Should Korean Americans 'Gyopos' use a Medical Tour Service?


Do you recommend Korean-Americans, Korean-Europeans or Korean Diaspora (‘Gypos’) to use your service or medical tour services? Are they considered foreigners or local patients in Korea?

Full Disclosure: This is a staff member posted question, which came from a Korean-American patient via email in their mid 20’s.

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No, these patients should not use these services unless they are a Korean adoptee, and or so far generationally or culturally removed, that they have no Korean language abilities, local family members, relatives and access to local Korean resources who can provide them with opinions or assistance.

From our experience of trying to assist these cases we recommend for these patients to follow what will likely happen anyway, which is to let their Korean family, family friends, and or acquaintances guide their journey or provide them with opinions regardless if they are qualified or not.

Korean English speaking patients are welcome to join our site as members, post and ask questions in our community, read, write and comment on reviews, etc…

But as of April 10, 2018, we no longer provide any professional recommendations, research, guidance and assistance services to Korean diaspora patients.

The reason why is these cases will likely have too many “advisors” in the form of local Korean family and friends doing the same thing as these services, which will cause an overlap of conflicting and changing opinions. Moreover, there will be confusion and inconsistent pricing and service levels from clinics. 

There tends to be two fee schedules and service tracks at hospitals: one for local domestic patients and one for international patients. But clinics may be confused on which schedule & track this patient belongs, usually due to pressure from local family. The clinic might be perplexed on weather to charge these patients as Korean speaking and domestic tax payers, but provide them with the international patient priority scheduling, tax rebates, and assign them a English speaking coordinator and staff member to assist them during their visits. 

We have decided to step aside in these cases, and let local family do what they want to do.

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