What is tha best treatment for dark wound scars?


Good day! I have old-aged scars on both my knees. I wanted to get rid of these since then because it lessens my self confidence. I am also worried that it is too expensive to have it treated. Got them more than 20 years ago. They became all dark now. What is the best treatment for this? Does this need surgery and hospitalization? Because I am working now in korea and it’s important for me to know if the treatment will require long procedure and time. I hope you can help me. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much!

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Hello! This is ID Hospital!

Based on your photos, it appears to be that you have aged scars.

Those kind of scars can be treated at dermatology department, it could be improved by laser treatment.

To see visual result, it would require you multiple treatments and may require a long term of treatment session, and its treatment session with accurate treatment method will be determined after the face to face consultation with the dermatologist.

Since you are residing in Korea, I would like to recommend considering consultation in person with dermatologist.

Do please let us know if you have further questions.


Kind regards,

ID Hopsital

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