What procedures would improve my face?


Hello, I’m caucasian and from New Zealand. I have always considered getting plastic surgery in the future years, possibly in my 20s once my face has fully matured, as I am not 100% with the way I look.

I was just curious as to what procedures you would recommend for myself as I’m insecure with my facial balance, mainly with my side profile. I dislike the way my nose looks from the side due to the bump in my nose and the size of my tip at some angles as I feel it looks odd and too large for my face. I don’t like the way my whole face looks side on, however I am receiving maxillofacial surgery to correct a jaw misalignment (open bite of the teeth) next year where they’ll be cutting my upper jaw, so that will hopefully restore some balance to my jawline and mouth.

Lastly, I dislike the frown line between my eyebrows and the dark circles I have under my eyes so what would you recommend to treat those?


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