What would you recommend for a softer look? Chin, V-line or Jaw Surgery?


Hello, I’m currently interested in chin and jaw surgeries for myself but I’m debating on whether to go with just a chin reduction or v-line.

My chin is, in my opinion, very large and angular, which I do not like. I prefer softer looks. It sticks out and I feel very self conscious about it when I smile.

My jaw, is also a little angular. It looks squarish whether I smile or not. it adds a couple years to my face as well.

So what would you recommend?

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Hi @KawaiiPanda, thank you for your inquiry. We are ITEM Plastic Surgery. We took a look at your photos, but for facial contouring patients, a face-to-face diagnosis and X-Rays are needed to make a more accurate treatment recommendation. However based on the photos you may be a suitable candidate for these procedures and treatments.

  1. Reduction Genioplasty
  2. Shaving Non-Union Margins (the new edges of your chin after genioplasty that do not contour to the jawline)
  3. Fat grafting

You expressed a concern about having a long chin, which feels more prominent when you smile.  A reduction or shortening genioplasty for your chin with shaving margin of non-union margins may be a suitable treatment for you. If you undergo chin reduction without shaving the non-union margins, the bony connections between mandible jaw and the chin, it could be irregular to make a more smoother jawline contour.

This video shows an example of a reduction genioplasty, but note in the video it does not shave the non-union margins, but presumes they will grow back to the contour of the jawline. We also noticed that side profile of your face seems quite flat in comparison with length of face, and that more dimension can be added to bring it into aesthetic harmony. Through fat grafting, you can have a more voluminous and 3D facial line, which can make you look more youthful and brighter.

However, please note a face-to-face diagnosis is needed, and that these opinions might change after actual examination.

Regarding the recovery period, if you receive the above surgeries, you are recommended to stay in Korea for about 7-10 days after the surgery, so you can get the required post-operative treatments, including stitch removal and follow up visits to the hospital two or three times for post care treatments.

Major swelling or bruising will gradually go away in about 1 ~2 weeks following the surgery day. It is going to take about a month for minor swelling to subside, and it will look presentable. You will see the final result in about 6 months to a year after the surgery.

However, the degree of swelling or bruising largely depends on the individual, their lifestyle and other conditions. If you have more questions, please contact us again 🙂 Again, thank you very much for your interest in our clinic.

  • KawaiiPanda
    Thank for answering so quickly! I appreciate the help very much! I do have a couple other questions though concerning the recommended procedues. Will the reduction genioplasty and shaving the non-union margins procedures shorten the length of my face as well as correct my chin and jaw? And of course, I need to know how much money to bring. How much would these procedures cost? Thank you!
  • ITEM Plastic Surgery
    Hello, KawaiiPanda. Thank you for your question. This is ITEM Plastic Surgery in South Korea. By operating these procedures, you can expect the corrected chin and jaw which are symmetrically harmonized. We will focus on reduction or shortening genioplasty for chin with shaving margin of non-union margins to dissolve your main concern. From this below, I attached a quoted price that you requested. -Reduction Genioplasty&Shaving Non-Union Margins : 12,320,000 KRW -Fat Grafting(Fat Transfer) Surgery : 3,520,000 KRW Thank You :) From. ITEM Plastic Surgery
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Hi Ms KawaiiPanda,

Thank you for your inquiry. My name is Nana Yoo and I’m a patient consultant with Banobagi Plastic & Aesthetic Clinic. We have shown your photos to our surgeon and aesthetically speaking, your cheeks seem flat and you might have excess soft fatty tissue. You could have a well developed masseter muscle, which is contributing to the and squarish jaw look of your lower face. Our opinion is that you might be a candidate for both jawline reduction (All-for-one) and genioplasty (T-osteotomy).

Banobagi calls its Jawline reduction treatment ‘All for one’ surgery; it includes:

① Masseter muscle reduction. If you clench your molars together tightly and press your thumb on the bone of mandibular angle (jaw) you will be able to feel hardening of muscles. These are called masseter muscles and are a part of masticatory muscles largely distributed on the face. This thick muscle is developed along with mandibular angle. While we removing a certain amount of bone, we will also remove a certain quantity of muscle at the same time.

② Buccal fat removal (If needed): deep fat pads located on either side of the cheek.

③ Mandibular bone reduction which is a highly advanced contouring surgery called curve osteotomy. This emphasizes the perfect harmony of the jaw and chin as a whole. It’s performed concurrently at the time of square jaw surgery, and designed to achieve the maximum frontal effect of making the chin slimmer and the lower one-third of the face more narrowed and harmonious with the upper face line.

This procedure can make the lower jaw have a more natural and gentle line, and its greatest effect is always near the chin are where most of the narrowing is done.

Check out before and after photos of this:

Your chin long when compared to overall contour and shape of your face. Mandible reduction could still give the face a round or long appearance, so a T-osteotomy can be performed on the chin in order to balance the jaw line. It also allows the doctor to shorten the height of the area to create a more slender look.

The rough estimate price of jaw reduction (all for one surgery) is about 7,700,000 Korean Won.

Genio plasty (T-osteotomy) is about 6,050,000 Korean Won.

If combined together, the treatment set for two procedures is 10,450,000 Korean won

This rough estimate price includes X-ray, CT scan, consultation, hospitalization (if necessary), post care treatment, Medication (except antibiotics), and pick up service (under the term of paid deposit, one way).

You should plan to stay in Korea for at least 14days. We will remove the stitches on the 14th day after the surgery. 80% of bruising and swelling will subside in about 14 days prior to the surgery, and you will be able to see the final result between 6 to 12 months.

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