Korean American Eyelid Surgery in Seoul


Euro Plastic Surgery Clinic



1,000,000 Korean Won


October 2015

I consulted with 3 clinics, and I chose Euro. It was the far best in price, and they made me feel comfortable. I’d never had any procedure before, so I had a lot of questions and was slow to make a decision. The procedure (double eyelid) is extremely simple for the clinic, but they were patient with me.

The location is great. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk straight to-from Apujeong station. 15 minutes sounds like a long distance, but it’s not because it’s a straight shot. No turns, no looking for streets, just walk straight until you see it.

I had a 15 minute consultation with the busy doctor Choi. He was pleasant and factual. He has a quick eye (quickly noticing some asymmetry in my face and offering other small items he could do), but easy to work with (he backed off completely when I said I wasn’t interested). He quickly showed me different options for how my eyelids could look in the mirror, and explained the work he would be doing. During my online consults at other clinics, they suggested I needed Epi too, and Dr Choi explained why he didn’t think I needed it. I really liked how straightforward and pleasant he was.

They had an excellent English translator consultant. She connected on Kakao with me, and helped arrange transportation to and from the clinic and my hotel for the procedure. During my time in Seoul, I became very comfortable with the metro, but I think having car pickup and dropoff was worth it for procedure day.

On surgery day, The facility is small, but clean. They have secure lockers for your clothing and personal belongings and a bathroom stocked with everything from face wash to contact solution and contact cases. If you have someone with you, they have a comfortable room with a TV.

There were two women assisting the doctor (Dr Choi). They did not speak English very well, and when I struggled to understand, they used their phone to translate what they were trying to say (don’t lick your lips). They prepped me, and then Dr Choi came in, gave me the local anesthetic, made small talk, had me open and close my eyes several times, and then I was done! I spent 15 minutes a lovely warm bed under warm blankets with cold pack on my eyes.

Then, I was done and walking out the door with my brand new eyelids! On procedure day, it only took 1.5 hours from walking in the clinic without eyelids to walking out with them. I wasn’t even that swollen (although it swelled up more that night). They gave me a bag with my receipt, a gel eye mask for swelling, cream and long cotton swabs.

About a week later, I went back for my post-op. It took only 2 minutes. Dr Choi looked at me and gave me the thumbs up. I was happy, and had no questions. They printed out a certificate of surgery for me for my documentation.

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  1. Jeet Dhindsa
    Jeet Dhindsa

    Hi @swoodard great review, this is very helpful. Was your surgery incisional or non-incisional double eyelid surgery?

    February 2, 2016 at 2:31 am

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