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  • American, Korean & European founders
  • Based in Seoul, South Korea
  • Medical beauty enthusiasts & experts
  • Funded, supported & licensed by the Korean Central Government

The first medical beauty information service founded by real American & European patients working in the Korean cosmetic surgery industry.


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For people just getting started with no definite plans

Our team is comprised of obsessive plastic surgery researchers & industry insiders.

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Post and we’ll hunt down detailed answers for you.

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Be active and we will give you free upgrades (DIY Plan, more freebies like sim cards, free interpreter credits, etc…)

Please note, we don’t like fake content and strive for authenticity.

That’s why our forum has been kind of barren because we have to block so many fake spam accounts. If you are someone genuinely seeking answers, we’ll help you.

FIRST POST TIPS:  Ask a question (travel, clinic, treatment advice, etc…)

SMART BEAUTY PLAN – $299 (Deposit)

WE Research, Facilitate, & Negotiate Offers

For people who want peace of mind, support, and good information

Save time, energy and gain peace of mind knowing there is an experienced and qualified team who can do the research for you.

  • Tired of digging through websites and forums?
  • Want to know who is who in Korean plastic surgery, and how to trust them?
  • Confused about medical terms, treatment techniques & options?


We will learn your goals, criteria, and preferences, and then gather 3 clinic recommendations and offers that best match your preferences.


Research, Gather & Negotiate Treatment Offers

We research, hunt and gather 3 recommendations and competitieve offers best suited to your goals, criteria and preferences.

Detailed Guides & Instructions

Detailed guides, texts and info for getting to and from the clinics, airport, hotel and key areas in Seoul.

Unlimited Virtual Assistance & Support

We’re on-call to help make Korea easy. Ordering food, where to locate items, answering questions etc…

Faster Clinic Responses & Priority Scheduling

Tired of waiting for a clinic to reply? We act as your single point of contact & get faster responses.

Verify Surgeon & Ghost Doctor Buster

We make sure your surgeon is the one who performs the surgery and not a substitute or “ghost” doctor.

1 Year of Follow Up Support

1 year of communication and support after surgery between you and the hospital for any concerns or issues.

BONUS - Free 10 Day Unlimited Sim Card

Users who purchase this plan in 2018 will get 10 Days of Unlimited Data for their Smart Phone.

EARN REBATES - Earn back gift certificates

Document your journey on our site to help others and get gift certificates. *Do not mention clinic name.*

COST: We take a deposit of $300 and it will be applied towards your surgery once you decide on a clinic.

How do we make money? We collect a referral and case management fee from the clinic that can range from 10% to 30% of the total medical fees (depending upon resources & complexity). Since we’re doing this administrative and physical work instead of the clinic, they pay us. Does this cost you more? No, we have contracts, wholesale pricing and direct lines of communications with clinics, so that our fees do not raise your costs (time, money, stress and energy). Meaning you will get all of the above benefits and spend less time, money and energy on researching, communicating and negotiating with clinics because we can do all of that for you. Instead, you can focus on surgery & recovery. It’s our intention and in our mutual best interest to pick the right clinics that will achieve good results, not ones that simply pay the most. Our company was started by foreign patients, and we believe if we create happier & satisfied patients, the more we will grow. Don’t believe us? No problem, the next plan is for you.

Got questions? Let’s get the conversation started!


YOU Research, Facilitate, & Negotiate Offers

For people who like to navigate Korean Plastic Surgery info on their own.

This for people who have already booked their appointments, but are simply looking for a local guardian-angel like service they can lean on for support to navigate Korea, so they can focus less on logistics and more on treatment.


Detailed Guides & Instructions

Detailed guides, texts and info for getting to and from the clinics, airport, hotel and key areas in Seoul.

Unlimited Virtual Assistance & Support

We’re on-call to help make Korea easy. Ordering food, where to locate items, answering questions etc…

(? Monday ~ Sunday 10AM ? – 7PM ? – Avg response time within 45 min)


COST: $100. We do not collect any fees from the clinic in this plan since we did not do any research, facilitation, communication, appointment booking, or negotiations between the two parties.

GET $20 BACK. If you document your journey and experience and publish it on our site for others to learn, we will give you a rebate/credit of $20.

Please document & write honestly, do not promote or slander, and do not mention clinic name. We want real & honest stories.


Got questions? Let’s get the conversation started!


Add-Ons or Stand Alone Services:

Korean plastic surgery translator / Interpreters.

  • Airport Pick Up One-Way in comfy and safe van- ($80 USD)
  • Liquid Food or Recovery Friendly Food Delivery ($10/Day)
  • Personal Assistant / Korean Translator Interpreter (30,000 won / Hour) Minimum 2 hours.



Think of us like a Trip Advisor of Korean Plastic Surgery with dedicated tech support & research team.

Our startup was founded by Jeet Dhindsa, an American expat living in Korea who went on his own beauty journey in Seoul, after being lost on the Korean web and tirelessly digging through forums. Jeet was inspired to create a better way for patients to connect and make better decisions. He launched My Seoul Secret as humble blog in 2013 and it became a Korean government funded and backed venture in 2015.

  • We have had over 1.8 million visitors
  • Managed 1,900+ patient quotes, info requests and treatments
  • Are the first foreign owned & operated English beauty platform in Korea
  • Our founders have been on both sides of the operating table as patients & industry experts

Jeet’s thought’s on Korean Plastic Surgery in Sense of Beauty Documentary


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