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30,000 Korean Won Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum Booking)

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Certified Medical Interpreters & Facilitators Receiving Training from Gangnam Medical Tour Center

Do You Need a Korean Medical Interpreter or Translator?

Navigating the healthcare system in Korea can be challenging without language assistance. But do you really need a Korean medical interpreter? This comprehensive guide discusses the necessity of interpreters in medical settings, offering insights into when and where to find professional language support.

Understanding the Role of a Korean Medical Interpreter

What sets a professional interpreter apart from a bilingual individual? It’s not just about speaking two languages. Professional interpreters undergo specialized training and develop skills in various types of interpretation, including written, oral, and simultaneous. They are often certified in specific fields like legal, technical, and medical interpreting. Their role is crucial in ensuring clear and accurate communication between all parties.

Key Benefits of Hiring a Korean Medical Interpreter

  • Effective Communication of Patient Goals and Treatment Plans
  • Clear Understanding of Doctor’s Diagnoses and Recommendations
  • Facilitating Informed Questions and Answers
  • Bridging the Gap Between Doctors and Patients
  • Interpreting Medical Procedures, Costs, Risks, and Requirements

When You Might Not Need an Interpreter

  • Clinics with in-house interpretation staff
  • Arrangements made through a licensed medical tour agency

Note: In-house English-speaking staff are not always trained interpreters. However, they may possess relevant skills through experience.

Where to Find a Reliable Interpreter

For trustworthy interpreter services, visit Medical Korea or the government tourist information website. Medical Korea offers interpreters in various languages. We are an official partner of these institutions. and we also maintain a regular and updated interpreter roster from multiple institutions for efficiency and convenience. 

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Mongolian

We’re board certified medical facilitator partners by both Gangnam City & Seoul City:

We have been inspected by two city review boards in which we must submit all our qualifications and credentials to be screened by government staff, and a review board, and passed on-site inspections and verifications to become official Gangnam City & Seoul City Medical Tour Partner Companies.

Official Listing: Gangnam City Medical Tour Partner

About Evita Clinic

Official Listing: Seoul City Medical Tourism Alliance

Caution about these sources when seeking a Translator/Interpreter:

  • Random online forums
  • Craigslist
  • Anonymous Group Chats
  • Sponsored Influencers

While building My Seoul Secret over the past 9 years, we followed up with translators that were often recommended on these sites by interviewing them in person, only to learn that nine out of ten times, they were really illegal surgery brokers under the guise of a freelance personal assistants/translators, and also unqualified to do medical interpretation and put patients at risk with biased information and blurring their roles and responsibilities .

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30,000 Korean Won Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum Booking)

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  • Please note that for certain languages such as Arabic, the price may be higher.
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