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I’m an American born and raised in Southern California (Los Angeles and San Diego) and founder of My Seoul Secret. I moved to Seoul in 2011 to work in global communications for Kia Motors.

While living here in Gangnam, I became interested in having cosmetic treatments of my own, but I quickly discovered how challenging it was to find the right clinic. Even though I live in the epi-center of medical beauty, and have a ton of resources and Korean colleagues at my disposal, I couldn’t imagine how difficult this must be for someone living across the ocean.

That’s when I decided to make a career change into the medical industry by creating My Seoul Secret. I wanted to tackle this information problem.

I presented my concept to the Korean government (Ministry of Justice, Seoul Global Center and Korean Institute of Science and Technology). And for the first time in Korean history they have given me, a non-Korean foreigner, a grant, resources and support to build a startup that will help improve medical beauty tourism by introducing a platform, and international services (interpreters, patient information management) to hospitals, who could not otherwise manage these areas on their own.

We can’t do this without feedback and users like you, so please feel free to make suggestions.

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