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Mega Plastic Surgery Clinic boasts proud graduates from Yonsei Medical School, which formed the first Korean plastic surgery department in 1962. Our staff members have served as section chiefs of Gangnam Severance Hospital’s department of plastic surgery for 16 years, and also serve as board members various plastic surgery associations to assure quality and trust to all patients and other medical associations. Our clinic specializes in medical beauty treatments such as facial contouring eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, fat grafting, face-lifts and anti-aging, body contouring and hair transplantation.

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  1. Nala

    This is actually my second time doing hairline transplant. I did my first one in June 2014 (not at Mega). The clinic I went to did not specialise in hairline but I was in such a time crunch and they gave me a good price the more surgeries I did, I just went for it. However, I realised hairline is not something you should just do with whichever clinic, you need a specialist.

    My original hairline was high, wide and not proportioned with the rest of my face. The first surgery only fixed the width (bald corners) but did not lower my hairline very much, so the results was that I had a high but narrow forehead which kinda made my face a diamond shape. The doctor also not being a specialist, the area in which he took the hair (back of the head), left a massive bald spot, when there is actually suppose to be a very unnoticeable line. He also did not put the hair is the right correction of growth, so it grew up instead of down (which looked really silly during the months it was regrowing). Despite all this, I am not angry at the clinic, they did offer my a revision when I came back this time and it is ultimately my fault for not researching more and getting swept away with time and prices. This time I wanted a clinic that specialised in hairline instead of risking it.

    Mega/Dr Hee Jong Ryu Review
    They are located in Apujeong Exit 5, you keep walking straight ahead and they are next to Innisfree and across the road from Hyundai Department Store. I found Mega from a Korean friend who actually did her eyes there (pretty natural results) but told me they are more known for their noses. As I looked into the clinic more, I saw they specialised in hairline and the results really impressed me. They are not so good with communication and I did not know if they could speak English well enough (though they have an english site) so I asked my Korean friend to accompany me and book me the appointment. Mega is actually 3-4 floors, each floor for different type of surgeries, from my memory it is split as: nose/eyes/fc, hairline, orthodontic and body. I’m not sure how it would work if you decided to do multiple surgeries there.

    The doctor can speak english well and the consultant can understand but her speaking is so-so. I didn’t wait long (10 mins) despite being late. I love the doctor, he is honestly my favourite my doctor (not just for hairline, but in general from all the doctors I have consulted with for other surgeries too), he has such a genuine and friendly demeanour. There was not much to say, I just told him: my forehead is too high, my previous hairline surgery was bad (the hair was not thick enough, bald spot, the direction of the hair was wrong), he agreed and explained the process of hairline and recovery to me. I took some pictures and he started drawing where my new hairline will be and look, I wanted it lower but he said no and then it will look odd and not balanced. In the end we compromised, he lowered it a tiny bit from his initial suggestion and I was happy with the predicted results. At this point I wanted to go back to fix my bald spot from the original clinic but he told me not go and said he will fix it for me for free. He uses the FUT method and said 1000 hair is enough for what he/I wanted to do.

    The doctor and consultants were all extremely nice and not pushy at all. The consultant I had also did her hairline at Mega by the same doctor (~4 years ago) and the results are absolutely amazing, you cannot tell at all and there is no bald spot in site. From my other research and emailing of other clinics, the general prices from hairline really varies by the method (FUE/FUT) and how many hair is used, I got from 3-7mil. However, I paid Mega on the lowest end of this scale. I am not sure because my Korean friend was with me or the fact I told them my friend recommended me that I got such a low price (imo); but I don’t think you should use my price as scale since it is a case by case type of thing. I was so happy with the clinic, the doctor and the price I paid immediately.

    The Process/Recovery
    If you are going to Seoul solely for hairline, I think 2 weeks is just enough, given if you do the surgery immediately in the first days you arrive. You can choose to be awake or asleep during the procedure but I was told it is common to be awake and the option most people choose. The injected anaesthesia at the back of my head and it didn’t hurt at all. The whole procedure did not hurt. You have to lie on your stomach first for them to extract the hairs being used and then on your head again for them to transplant it. The whole procedure, I would say was probably a little less than 2 hours but I couldn’t really tell, I was pretty comfortable just lying down and relaxing.

    After the surgery was done, I already could tell he did such a good job, the shape was round and the hair was thick. I also had no bloody scalp like I have seen other people do it at other clinics. They then asked me to sit underneath a red infrared laser thing for 20 minutes, they told me this helps with healing and promotes hair growth.

    The first night you have to wear a headwrap (similar to if you did facial contouring) just to prevent any thing getting inside of it. You have to come the next the day, and they will wash your hair and show you how to shampoo it. They provide you with a special spray shampoo and another spray to put on the transplant area and where the transplant hair was extracted. After that you can basically wash your hair regularly (but using the shampoo and technique they used). I also did the infrared laser thing again. They told me they will take the stitches out in 10 days. You look a bit funny with these weird short baby hairs but I luckily had a fringe which I could cover it easily.

    Basically you the hair transplanted will fall out in the next couple of weeks and then you will start to grow hair there. He told me the chance of growth rate at my forehead is more than 90%, but my bald spot which he helped fixed was maybe 60-70% but he said it should be enough to mask it, but if I was unhappy I can come back again and he will do it again. I did not have any bald spots this time (yay!!), I could tell the results were going to be great. Taking out the stitches was painless and quite quick, I did the infra red thing again.

    A couple of people have seen my results and because of me, they want to do hairline too haha, they were impressed how nice and round my hairline was. They also said it made me look much prettier and made my face smaller and proportioned. Mega told me that I can do whatever I want to my hair (dye, perm, cut) after 3 months, so they recommend you to do what you want before the surgery.

    I absolutely love my hairline and I will update with pictures when the new hairs come in a couple of months. I recommend contacting them on Kakao. They have a different Kakao just for hairline.

    Kakao ID: megagraft
    English website:

    August 8, 2015 at 8:17 pm

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