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[usrlist “Overall Rating:4” “Bedside Manner:5” “Answered my questions:5” “After care and follow up:5” “Staff courtesy and professionalism:5” “Payment process:5” “Wait times:4”]Last weekend, I tagged along with my friend to one one of her favorite clinics that she goes to for skincare called MJ. A couple of her friends have had procedures here, and they were friends with doctor. She started coming here for skincare and wanted to do something about some pigmentation. She consulted with the clinic representative in Korean (very nice lady), but all I could make out were these words “Beyonce Injection” and “Aqua Peel.” My friend decided to get the Aqual Peel facial (100,000 KRW), and later I asked her:

What the heck is a “Beyonce injection”?

Apparently it’s the Korean nickname for something known as Glutathione anti-oxidant & Vitamin C intravenous (IV) therapy injections, which if done frequent enough will lighten your skin and make it look awesome overall like Beyonce. It also goes by the Korean name “백옥주사” (Baek Oak Ju Sa), which means white gem injection.

I started laughing when she told me this and said, “That’s so dumb, pssh yeah right!” – But then I got curious….

I have been trying to brighten and lighten my complexion for awhile, and have received OK results after doing a lot of the basics (avoiding sun, SPF 50+, exfoliation, toners, 7 different brands of brightening serums, etc… ).

I started researching these injections, and apparently there is sound medical research to back this up. Also, these injections can actually be very good for your health and fight off several diseases, give you energy and help with anti-aging. Cosmetically, as a side effect; one of things it does is makes your skin lighter by blocking the receptors that cause skin to pigment.

I decided to give Glutathione & Vitamin C a shot (pun intended)

When my friend went in for her Aqua Peel I was getting my veins pumped with an IV bag filled with glutathione & vitamin C. It took about 30 minutes

Cost 50,000 KRW per session ($45 USD) you can buy a package of 10 for 400,000 KRW. It’s recommended twice a week for 3 months or until you reach the tone you want, and then follow up with once a month for maintenance.

Does it work for lightening, whitening and brightening?

It’s too early to tell, but as a guy that’s trying to be healthy, I’m also keen on it’s healing and cell repair benefits.

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