I had some minor skin treatments: laser toning and mole removal

Laser Skin Toning and Mole Removal






I had some minor (non invasive) skin treatments at Woo Skin – Dr Lee. His English is really good and he’s a pleasant Dr.

I had some mole removal from my face and some sort of laser treatment to a few pigmentation marks – NOT fraxel laser though, I’m totally against fraxel after doing some research – just a personally choice.

Consultation was USD$30 and the treatment itself was USD$300 – total $330 pretty cheap. total time: approximately 70-80 minutes. This included registering with the clinic, waiting for consult, consult, waiting for numbing cream to take (which alone was about 20-30 minutes) & then the treatment itself.

I’m very satisfied with the results. The moles are gone and the pigments on my face – some are completely gone and some have reduced in darkness. I think if I had another treatment it’d all be gone. N.B: I couldn’t wash my face properly for like a week… I used facial wipes to clean my face.

I felt dirty for a week lol apparently there are at least 2 x offices for Woo Skin – one in apgujeong & the other near Soomyung Women’s University Station, which is the one I went to. I know someone that went to the Apgujeong clinic after I recommended Woo Skin and she said the Dr. was rude.

I felt bad, but I did tell her that it wasn’t the clinic that I went to. Dr Lee at the clinic located near Soomyung Women’s University was good and I would probably go back to him. I personally think he’s a little conservative, as he didn’t want to do too many treatments on my face at once, knowing that I had surgery on my eyes as well.

I agreed and prefer the conservative approach. So if u want ‘everything’ done on your face at once because you have limited time in Korea, then maybe Dr. Lee isn’t the guy to go to.

When it comes to my face I personally prefer the conservative approach…but that’s me thinking of going back for another treatment the next time I’m back in Korea – I would definitely go back to Dr. Lee.

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