Reply To: First Time in Seoul

Jeet Singh

I would say that VIP’s price is within their normal range given the diagnosis you described, still less on average than US prices from my understanding. I will ask another forum member who had Genioplasty and Rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Lee to contribute his thoughts. His results turned our really well.

FYI Doctor Lee typically uses a wire method to secure your chin into place (email them to double check). Typically most doctors use plate and screws nowadays to secure your chin into its new position, and wire was one of the first ways to do it. It doesn’t necessarily mean one is better than the other and many doctors still use the wire. In fact, there was a study done on which method is better and the results showed that there was no statistical difference between the two, but screws and plates are thought of as being more secure and fool proof because the plate is fixed and comes in pre-defined sizes.

Here is a link to the study if you are curious.

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