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      Hi there.  Me and my 6 girlfriends are travelling to Korea in September from Canada.  We wanted to find a place that can accommodate all 7 of us at the same time.  We are staying in the Gangnum area.  We all have different concerns and haven’t done any injections before.  We are all Chinese-Canadian with Asian skin.  We wanted to try a combination of botox, fillers, lasers, fat dissolving injections, prp injections etc.  Any suggestions which clinics I should try ?  Any suggestions of special “Korean” treatments that we should inquire about that we can’t get here in Canada?  Here in Canada botox and fillers cost around $500-600 Cdn ($400-450US) per syringe so we don’t want to pay more for the same thing.  I personally would love to get skin tightening/lifting done and would have tried threadlifts if I had more time.  We just realized that we will be in Seoul during Chuseouk holiday and may limit the clinics we can go to.  We will only have one day after the holiday before we fly out.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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      Jeet Singh

      Hi thanks for reaching out. I’m going to email you more details on how to organize this. A clinic will be organize a good package for you guys, but the tricky thing will be consulting and having treatment together since these are same day treatments. it’s not too bad, just need to sort out the logistics.

      Botox & Fillers in Korea come in two varieties:

      1. Foreign Brands (Allergan and Restylane)
      2. Korean Brands

      The foreign brands may be priced the highest and are usually charged by CC or Syringe. Usually a Syringe is either 1 or 2 CCs.

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