Anyone heard of Vendome of Taiwan for jaw surgery?

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      (Sorry I already posted this on purseforum but I figured there might be more people here)

      I found out about this clinic on youtube, specifically about the dr. peter ruei feng chen 陈瑞峰. Vendome itself has multiple clinics throughout Taiwan.

      The before and after of the girl in the video is really amazing and natural (before is at 0:45). She has done two jaw surgery and braces, which altogether was 400k taiwanese dollars, or about 13k usd. Two jaw alone is 280k-300k, which is 9085-9733 usd

      Before I was set on the face dental, who quoted me 17.9 mill for two jaw, genioplasty, and dissolvable screws. But this girl’s results has impressed me so I want to get a second opinion. Anyone heard of this clinic or know anyone who’s been to this clinic? Apparently they emphasize getting your teeth braces before going under the knife depending on your case. They also don’t wire your mouth shut after surgery. They also use a 3d mould to simulate after surgery results. And doctor 陈瑞峰 is apparently so popular that you need to book him half a year in advance. He’s also been invited to korea to speak at some prs korea conferences

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      Jeet Singh

      @b4conscious thanks for posting and welcome. I’ve watched the video and checked out the page, but haven’t heard of this clinic. We mostly known about clinics in the Seoul area. I know The Face Dental (TFD) and have consulted their with Dr. Lee myself.

      The cost savings at the clinic seems attractive, and sounds like they have a method that appeals to you. It might be worth checking out and reaching out to them, and if you do, please keep us posted.

      When are you thinking about having this surgery? And have you first consulted with local Orthognatic Surgery (Corrective Jaw Surgery) specialists in your area?

      You may need to begin braces in your home country first, so this would be a collaborative effort between your orthodontist and the surgeon weather you say local or go abroad.

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