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I just came back from Item for a consultation. However, this clinic isn’t for me. The translator was Raina and she’s very nice and speaks English well. She was friendly and translated everything I said. But I just couldn’t connect with the doctor.

I’m doing double eyelid (partial incision) and epi.

The consultation was short but quite detailed. The manager looked at my eyes carefully and suggested what I need. After I went to the doctor, I didn’t wait long for the him. The doctor came and looked at my eyes and used a toothpick to find an ideal crease on my eyelid.

He seemed nice but I just feel he wasn’t detailed or paid close attention to me enough( the consultation manager was more thorough than him). It took less than 5 min with the doctor (consultation was at 10:30am). He didn’t tell me what types of eyelid ceases would suit me, and he barely looked at my eyes. He used poked my eyes with a toothpick once and that’s it. He just didn’t seem approachable to me.

The other thing that turned me off was that he was actually in MIDDLE of a surgery. He stepped out of a surgery to do a consultation with me :O

This raised a red flag fir me. How did I know? During the whole consultation. He spoke REALLY fast during the consultation. Even as a foreigner I knew he was speaking fast. So I asked Raina if the doctor usually speak this way or is he in a hurry? It was then that Raina told me the doctor was actually in a middle of a surgery…..

Anyways their price for double eyelid and epi was reasonable.
They quoted me: 2.9 million won but after discounts it went down to 2 million won (if paid in cash).

Anyways, this is just my opinion. Of course the doctor is qualified and is able to do the surgery but I personally feel that a person has to feel comfortable with the surgeon and be able to trust them to do the surgery on your face. But in this case I just didn’t feel comfortable.

Sorry if there are any typos or grammar errors. I’m typing on my iphone lol.

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