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Sorry for the delay but I just came back and I had to start work right afterwards. My eyes are still healing but so far it’s healing pretty great. I was initially worried that the inner corners of my eyes would be uneven but right now it seems even (after the swelling went down).

My surgery was scheduled two days later after the consultation and I was super nervous. My surgery actually got delayed because the patient before me decided to added one more procedure so that bumped me at a later time. However, JW offered me a free spa/facial while waiting (it felt nice!). Anyways, during the surgery I was super nervous but it didn’t hurt at all. People say the injection was the worst part but honestly for me, I didn’t feel anything. However, near the end whenever I felt slight pain I would go “pain” and the doctor will inject more anesthesia. I felt a bit of tugging and I could smell something burning. It didn’t hurt but it was a bit uncomfortable. Overall, I would rate it 3/10 for pain. The whole procedure took longer than I expected – a little over 2 hours. During the whole time, the doctor would ask me to open and close my eyes to see if the crease was even or not. He was soooooo particular about this. He stitched and restitched my right eye at least 4 times. I actually got irritated and he said “don’t worry, 5 more min. I promise”. LOL!! – I was just really uncomfortable lying there not moving for 2 hours and I was starting to get really hot and sweaty. So I guess he could tell I was getting a little impatient.

So after the surgery, I was totally fine and I was able to walk myself to the recovery room. The nurse put an icepack on my eyes and waited for 20 minutes. The whole time in the recovery room, Emily was with me. It felt very nice and reassuring. I felt safe. Afterwards, I was given 2 icepacks, 5 days worth of medicine, some cotton swaps and ointment for the eyes. I was told to take the medicine on time (3 times a day) and put the ointment on my eyes 2 to 3 times a day. Emily helped me grabbed a taxi and I went back to the guesthouse.

Once I got back the guest house and looked at myself in the mirror….I was horrified. I was just not used to seeing myself all stitched up and bruised. I started to panic and thought I made a big mistake. I felt regret immediately. Honestly, I thought I was mentally strong enough but I was wrong. So no matter how much you’ve researched and prep yourself, you will be a little shock right after surgery. I tried to sleep but I kept having bad dreams. The next few days, I got used to looking at myself and I kept telling myself that it will get better.

In total I went back to the clinic 3 times – 1st time cleaning, 2nd time to remove the top stitches on my eyes and 3rd time remove the all the remaining stitches including the inner corner. And each time they would use the laser treatment on me to help with the swelling. Oh, I got to use their shampoo service once too.

However, the only problem I found was that I only saw the doctor ONCE after the surgery and it was on the 3rd time I went back (7th day after surgery). He came to check up on my eyes and said everything was good. I kind of wished that I saw the doctor sooner and didn’t have to worry the whole time.

Before and after (2 weeks):

Right now, my main concern is the scarring in the inner corner of the eyes. There is a raised bump on the lower left side of my eye. Hopefully it’ll smooth out…

Sorry for the low quality of the picture, I took it on my iPhone.

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